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FIVB 2010 Women's Volleyball World Championship
29 October - 14 November 2010

 NED / Netherlands - Team Composition

Team manager Jettie Fokkens
Head coach Avital Selinger
Assistant coach Kristian van der Wel/Miriam van den Elshout
Doctor Mirjam Steunebrink
Therapist / trainer Arnold van Ree/Kim van Wijk
Journalist Willem Held
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 Kim Staelens Sterken 7/01/1982 182 78 305 301 Stiinta Bacau
  3   Francien Huurman Huurman 18/04/1975 192 80 313 292 --
  4 Chaïne Staelens C. Staelens 7/11/1980 194 79 316 299 Denso Airybees
  5   Robin De Kruijf De Kruijf 5/05/1991 192 81 313 300 Conegliano
  6 Maret Grothues Grothues 16/09/1988 180 68 304 285 Aydin Bld. Spor
  7   Quinta Steenbergen Steenbergen 2/04/1985 189 75 309 300 VK Agel Prostejov
  8 Alice Blom Blom 7/04/1980 178 64 305 280 Iqtisadci University Baku
  L 9   Myrthe Schoot Schoot 29/08/1988 182 70 298 286 Rote Raben Vilsbiburg
  L 10 Janneke van Tienen v. Tienen 29/05/1979 177 73 294 273 --
  11   Caroline Wensink Wensink 4/08/1984 186 80 309 305 Azerrail Baku
  C 12 Manon Nummerdor-Flier Flier 8/02/1984 192 71 315 301 Zhengrong Fujian
  14   Laura Dijkema Dijkema 18/02/1990 184 70 293 279 Lokomotiv Kaliningrad
  15 Ingrid Visser Visser 4/06/1977 190 74 314 298 Murcia 2005
  17   Nicole Koolhaas Koolhaas 31/01/1991 198 77 310 300 Perugia Volley
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

The Netherlands’ rise to prominence began in 1995 when they won the European Championships at home in Arnhem. They followed this up with a fifth-place finish at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games before going through a short period of instability. Then, in 2001, they bounced back by qualifying for the following year’s FIVB World Championship where they finished ninth.

They took part in the 2003 FIVB World Grand Prix, qualifying for the final round and finishing fourth, but they failed to progress to the following year’s tournament after a poor display in the 2003 qualification matches. However they bounced back to finish fourth at that year’s European Championships.

The following year was a disappointing one for the Netherlands as they failed in qualifying for the Olympic Games, although they did progress to the 2005 World Grand Prix, eventually finishing sixth.

They came eighth at the 2006 World Championship, just one spot below their best-ever finish, but 2007 was easily their best year as, following years of disappointment, the Netherlands finally won their first international tournament, taking the World Grand Prix and celebrating in style.

The side then secured qualification for the 2010 FIVB World Championship and followed this up with a respectable fourth-place finish in the 2009 World Grand Prix, as well as a silver medal at the European Championships. Unfortunately their strong finish in the 2009 Grand Prix could not be repeated in 2010, when they slumped to seventh, but the Dutch are confident of bouncing back in Japan.

Coach profile

Since 2004 Avital Selinger has turned the Netherlands around and brought the side to the forefront of Volleyball.

He helped them pick up their first international medal at the 2007 FIVB World Grand Prix and also led them to the finals of the European Championship in 2009.

In the past he has coached both Japan and Spain as well as numerous club sides, most notably leading Tenerife to a Champions League title in 2004.


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