Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
Argentina's sights always on first – Quiroga

Caught on camera: Argentina captain Rodrigo Quiroga in full flight.

Japan captain Yota Yamamura: Although we lost, we really gave it our best shot. We are preparing well in order to climb the rankings at the Olympic Games. We have to get over this defeat now and move on. We were impressed with the overall level of this tournament, it was really very high. We must improve our block and our serve.
Japan coach Tatsuya Ueta: Good on Argentina, we will cheer for them next! We've been lacking the same shots ever since the beginning of the championship. We cannot find consistency. This is where 2010 ends for us. We will have to find a way of making our defence key in turning matches around, even though it still remains our strongest weapon. We must follow Argentina's example: they were able to mix it up a lot out there on the court.

Discussing Tatsuya Fukuzawa: He's been suffering with his knee, but he also has to develop more of a relationship with the setter. They still don't know each other well enough, having seldom played together.

Discussing Kunihiro Shimizu: Our good performance was thanks to him and to Abe, who used him in an intelligent way. Abe did well despite his mediocre condition and there's still room for improvement as far as Shimizu is concerned.

Argentina captain Rodrigo Quiroga: I am so happy to have held on to first place. It's been our goal since the first round. We're now looking ahead: we will face two tough matches (against Serbia and Russia). Today was really difficult. Japan never give up, they have the best defence in the world, but we did well to remain patient.

Discussing the performance by Japan: We didn't expect a better performance by them than this. We were the ones who did well with both our block and our defence, but they were so good at defending, they prevented all our attacks from touching the ground.

Argentina coach Javier Weber: I am so happy, we expected good matches but not all five! We both played well tonight, our attack was poor in the second set, after which it was precisely that which made all the difference. 


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