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2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship

 Match info | Press Conference
“We played better than the first match,” Says USA coach Knipe

The coaches and Captains speaking in the press conference
USA head coach Alan Knipe:
 I'm happy for the victory. Today we have played better than the previous meeting. The trend of the game was more intense. We need to further improve our perfromance. Raise our quality level and find the right balance. I think tomorrow will be important to be aggressive from the start and make a good percentage of points in attack. Argentina has a very fast play and we are looking forwards to meet them for the top of the pool.
USA team captain William Priddy:
We are pleased about the way we played. We did well. We aim to find the right rhythm in the match to try to seek more points as possible especially with the service. We will analyze the mistakes made during the match today and we will correct them. Argentina has a very strong team of young players and they have also high level of tactics. Our team has experienced players. We aim to improve day after day.
Venezuela head coach Gilberto Herrera:
 I think today's match was better than yesterday. We must do better. We are working hard to qualify. Mexico today has proven to be a competitive team. Tomorrow have a tough race, but every game has its own quality.
Venezuela team captain Luis Diaz:
 I'm sorry for the defeat. I think today we played better than in the previous game, especially in serves. The United States has played a good match and a good reception. Now we are thinking to the next race. Mexico is a tough opponent. They play very well. Tomorrow we must remain calm and deal with attention. We must demonstrate in the field that we can go forward in the World Championship.

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