Monday, 17 May 2021
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Press conference Turkey vs. Mexico

Press conference Turkey vs. Mexico
Turkey Assistant Coach Zekai Bayram
“This victory is important to us. Now need one more win to advance to the semifinal. Mexico played a great game and I want to congratulate them for that performance. ”
Turkey Captain Melis Gurkaynak
“It was a difficult game, is not easy to play to host team, that intensifies the support of their fans all the through the match. We are happy for the victory that comes after fighting all over the match”.
Mexico head coach Ricardo Naranjo
 â€œThe team worked hard, but as I mentioned in the past press conference, we passed a month of hard working at the highest level of the world, maybe the fatigue affected us at this moment. We played hard, but we did not have luck in the last set.
Mexico Captain Xitali Herrera
“It was a tough match that made us doing much effort. The first four set were fighting on both sides. I consider Turkey’s recovery that made them controlling the last set was due to the mistakes we committed. They played very well and congratulations to Turkey players for the victory”.

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