Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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 Match info | Press Conference
Poland coach:""Now we want to win the ninth position

press conference of the match
Poland head coach Zbigniew Krzyanowski  
“We planned for this victory since we finished the last match. Today the team played with the minimum of errors; also we play with different strategy than the two last matches against Brazil and Dominican Republic. I congratulate Kenya for their performance today which was better than the other two matches. I hope that this victory is the beginning of other triumphs to obtain the ninth place”
Poland captain Joanna Wolosz
“I’m happy that we finally won our first match. We were concentrated all over the match, to minimize the team errors of the first two matches.  Now we will continue playing hard to obtain the ninth place”
Kenya head coach Paul Bitok
“It was a hard game and I am something disappointed because we didn’t improve. I think that my players did not respond in well to the instructions we gave them. I consider this first round is a great experience for the team. Now we will try to maintain good concentration to obtain a good final position and maybe we hope to win a match in the second round”.
Kenya captain Everlyine Makuto
“Today we enjoyed our game, this is the good experience to us. Now we will travel to Tijuana to play each match with full concentration. Our goal is finish in the best position” Kenya Captain

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