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The skillful Dominicans outclass the weak Kenyan reception

Susan Atemba (KEN) spiking against Dominican double block
Mexicali, Mexico, July 16, 2009- the highly disciplined Dominican team used the strong spike service of Estefany Arias and the strong hits of the match scorer Jeoselyne Rodiguez to disturb the Kenyan team from the first set and achieve a comfortable 3-0 (25-11, 25-10, 25-6) in 52 minutes in the first day of the 2009 Women’s Junior World Championship here at Auditorio del Estado Ciudad Deportiva hall in Mexicali, Mexico on Thursday. The secret of the match was the marvelous service of Arias that turned the Kenyan lead 2-1 in the first set to a big turnover 16-3 and afterwards the Kenyan lost completely the concentration to lose easy points.
 Kenya started the match leading 2-1 through two spike services but suddenly they fell into frequent reception mistakes that gave the lead to their team 8-2 at the first technical timeout. The Dominican attackers Elisa Eve and Jeoselyne Rodiguez from the wings that weren’t tolerated by the Kenyan disturbed backline defense so the Dominicans widen the point deficit to 16-3 at the second technical timeout. Again the better Dominican side went easily through to win the set widely 25-11.
 Dominican team increased the speed of their attacks through their skillful setter Dharlenis Marte while Rodriguez spiked well with the match star Estefany Aria to give her team the lead all through the set till they won 25-10.
 Kenya tried to save the match specially when Dominican coach made some substitutions in his fielded players but they failed due to the improper reception that was the main cause of the defeat. By the third set the Kenyans lost completely the panic and thus they committed frequent mistakes that facilitated the matter for the Dominicans to win the set 25-6 and the match in straight sets.

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