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2009 FIVB Women's Junior World Championship  |  Tijuana & Mexicali, Mexico
16 - 25 July 2009
 BRA / Brazil - Team Composition

Team manager André de Assis Rosendo
Head coach Antonio Rizola Neto
Assistant coach Alexandre Dantas Borges Ferrante
Doctor Fabiano Barros Bottaro
Therapist / trainer Rommel Augusto Milagres Silva
Journalist Priscila Carvalho
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  1 Thays Aparecida de Oliveira Thays 16/10/1991 181 71 296 282 Minas T.C.
  2   Leticia Magnani Hage Leticia 9/09/1990 187 83 301 288 São Caetano E.C.
  3 Mara Ferreira Leao Mara 26/07/1991 190 84 320 301 Minas Tenis Clube
  5   Natiele Marques Gonçalves Natiele 28/01/1991 177 79 297 276 São Caetano E.C.
  C 6 Leticia Ines Andrioli Raymundi Leticia 17/10/1990 182 70 299 282 Bluvoley/Furbe
  9   Ana Beatriz Correa Ana Beatriz 7/02/1992 187 70 298 292 Osasco Voleibol Clube
  10 Isadora Aleixo Rodrigues Isadora 25/02/1990 182 87 300 288 Finasa / Osasco
  12   Roberta Silva Ratzke Roberta 28/04/1990 185 71 287 278 Osasco
  L 13 Leticia Leandro Pontes Le Pontes 11/10/1990 168 64 273 255 São Caetano E.C.
  15   Nathalia Vieira Daneliczin Nathalia 26/08/1991 184 71 289 277 Minas T.C.
  17 Diana Bellas Romariz Silva Diana 12/09/1990 175 66 285 275 Fluminense F. C.
  18   Glauciele Martins Da Silva Glauciele 1/09/1991 184 64 306 290 Praia Clube
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

No other team has won more FIVB Women's Junior World Championships than Brazil, who have claimed six gold medals in total.

This year, Brazil will try to make it seven in Baja California, Mexico.

While Brazil has won the last four editions of the FIVB Women's Junior World Championship, the team nevertheless knows it will take a lot of hard work to defend the title due to the high caliber of the competition.

Brazil's opponents in Baja California will be almost identical to those that it faced at the last FIVB Youth World Championship, where Brazil finished in fifth place.

Coach profile

Head coach Antonio Rizola Neto started his coaching career in 1988 and a year later, as an assistant coach, conquered the FIVB Junior World Championship and the FIVB Youth World Championship.

Rizola went joined the Senior Women's National Team in 1991 as assistant coach, and became head coach of the Brazilian Girls Youth Team in 1998. In the same year, he won the South American Championship and a year later won silver at the World Championship.

In 2001, Rizola won his first title with the Brazilian Women's Junior Team: the FIVB World Championship. Four years later, he won the competition again before returning to coach the Girls Youth Team.

In the last FIVB Youth World Championship in 2007, Rizola steered Brazil to fifth place.

In 2008, Rizola come back to coach the Women's Junior Team and later the same year they won the South American Championship.


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