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Historical Data on each team competition in the 2001 World Grand Champions Cup, including participation and final rankings from World Championships, Olympic Games, Word Cup, World League, World Grand Prix and World Grand Champions Cup

match schedule


Tue 20 Nov

14:00 KOR BRA
16:00 CUB YUG
19:00 JPN ARG

Wed 21 Nov

14:00 KOR CUB
16:00 BRA ARG
19:00 YUG JPN

Fri 23 Nov

13:00 CUB BRA
15:00 ARG YUG
18:00 JPN KOR

Sat 24 Nov

13:00 CUB JPN
15:00 KOR ARG
18:00  BRA YUG

Sun 25 Nov

13:00  ARG CUB
15:00 YUG KOR
18:00 JPN BRA


Tue 13 Nov

13:00 KOR - USA 15:00 CHN - RUS  19:00 JPN - BRA  Wed 14 Nov 

14:00 USA CHN

16:00 BRA RUS

19:00 JPN KOR

Fri 16 Nov 

14:00 RUS USA

16:00 KOR BRA

19:00 CHN JPN

Sat 17 Nov 

13:30 JPN RUS

15:30 BRA USA

18:30 KOR CHN

Sun 18 Nov 

13:00  RUS KOR

15:00 CHN BRA

18:00 USA JPN

Dates and Venues


Nagoya and Tokyo

20 25 November, 2001



A familiar sight - Cuba












2001 World Grand Champions Cup



Tournament Wrap - Men and Women



CubA, Brazil and korea lead the field into final day

day 4
Tokyo, Japan, 24 November, 2001 - Cuba held onto its perfect record of four wins on Day 4 of the men's volleyball World Grand Champions Cup, at Tokyo's Metropolitan Gym Saturday. 

Cuba started slowly, losing the first set to hosts Japan 22:25, but came back strongly to take the next three sets 25:18, 25:18, 25:13. 

Brazil also kept its chances of a tournament victory open after convincingly defeating Olympic champion Yugoslavia in straight sets 26:24, 25:20, 25:22. 

It was a particularly pleasing victory for the Brazilian team, which was concerned about backing-up against the European champion following its five set loss to Cuba on Friday. 

"It was a really good match. It was hard to recover after we lost (to Cuba). But we have good players and we won. I want to enjoy tomorrow as well," said Brazilian outside hitter Andre Nascimento, who had a team-high 15 points. 

In the unlikely event that the unbeaten Cubans (4-0 win/loss on 8 points) lose to winless Argentina on Sunday, the last day of competition, and Brazil (3-1 win/loss on 7 points) defeat Japan in the final match, the tournament victor will be decided by set ratio. If both Cuba and Brazil win, Cuba will take the $US400,000 first prize with Brazil finishing second with US$250,000. 

Korea (2-2 win/loss on 6 points) moved to third stop on the standings on set ratio, ahead of European champion Yugoslavia, after the Asian champion defeated Argentina 23-25 27-25 25-21 25-12. Japan is ranked fifth (1-3 win/loss on 5 points) and Argentina (0-4 win/loss on 4 points) last in the six-team competition. 

On the NORCECA champions surprise first set loss, Cuba's Angel Dennis, who had a game-high 20 points, said, "This game was really interesting. We had four friendly matches against Japan before, so they know us very well. That's also the reason why Japan concentrated and played so well at the first set." 

Kim Se-jin scored 25 points for Korea in its match against Argentina, leading the field with 23 successful strikes out of 39. Lee Kyung-soo contributed 16 points while Kim Sang-woo added 13. "I'm always happy to win. Argentina got their rhythm first, but we were confident and took the initiative back in the middle of the game," Korean captain Kim Se-jin said. 

Competition draws to a close Sunday when Cuba takes on Argentina, Yugoslavia meets Korea and Brazil faces Japan.




DAY 3 - NORCECA champion Cuba all but guaranteed its first Grand Champions Cup title and the US$400,000 winners cheque after defeating South American champions Brazil 3-2. YUG def ARG 3-1, KOR def JPN 3-0 Full story


DAY 2 -Brazil is equal to Cuba on four points after it overpowered its South American neighbour Argentina in straight sets. Cuba's 67-minute demolition of the Asian champion Korea is Cuba's second straight-set victory in as many days, after stunning Olympic gold medallist Yugoslavia 3-0 on Day 1. Full story


DAY 1 Cuba outclassed and outplayed Olympic and European champion Yugoslavia in straight sets, Brazil had little difficulty finishing off Asian champion Korea and Japan came from behind twice to defeat a young and spirited Argentinean team Full Story


DAY 3 - 13:00 CUB BRA, 15:00 ARG YUG, 18:00 JPN KOR 

DAY 4 - 13:00 CUB JPN, 15:00 KOR ARG, 18:00 BRA YUG

DAY 5 - 13:00 ARG CUB, 15:00 YUG KOR, 18:00 JPN BRA






Gilberto HERRERA ( CUB Head Coach ) As for the first set, I suppose it was interesting for audience, too. After some practice matches against us, Japan investigated us well. From the second set, we regained our confidence and were able to cope with the situation.

 Ihosvany HERNENDEZ ( CUB Captain ) At the first set, Japan had a good momentum. So we were in difficulties. However we recovered our concentration. Angel DENNIS (CUB Player 7) We had a few practice matches with Japan before this tournament. I think they analyzed us. During the first set, Japan had a good concentration more than us and they had a good rhythm as well, but then we could recover our concentration.

Mikiyasu TANAKA ( JPN Head Coach ) Q: How do you plan to improve the block in order to compete with the world level? A: At the training camp before this tournament, we focused on blocks and services, and we have improved. However, we cannot still overcome the height. I always tell my players to make the wall. Still I don't think the wall is effectively made.

Q: What was the strategy to receive Cuba's strong services? A: It is very difficult. I think the only way to improve is to receive services as many as possible to get used to it. And we trained to get accustomed to their height and speed. However, they were even more powerful as we expected. It seems that my instruction is not well conveyed to my players, because they still try to aim the setter for the service receive and lose point by aces.

Masayuki IZUMIKAWA ( JPN Captain ) In the first set, Cuba made many mistakes in combination and serve-reception, and we got the set. From the second set, Cuba hit aggressive services and our spikes were blocked. That is the reason of our loss.

Yoichi KATO ( JPN Player 11 ) In the first set, we played our ideal volleyball. From the second set, we were devastated by the high, powerful and skillful attacks of Cuba. We made many faults in serve reception and it lead our self-ruin. I was selected in the starting lineup, and I wanted to play in the court till the end. I also wanted to cultivate Abe's faculty. But in the latter half, I lost my concentration and could not lead the team. Even when I am out of the court, there are still things I have to do. So I will try to do those things tomorrow.

Takahiro YAMAMOTO ( JPN Player 14 ) In the first set, we were really aggressive and Cuba was passive. But from the second set, we became passive, and Cuba attacked their own way. I was not my best condition for the previous three matches. Today I shifted my mind and played well in the first set. I am disappointed that I could not play my best from the third set.


Korea v Argentina

SHIN Chi-Yong ( KOR Head Coach ) We aimed at two wins for this tournament, so I am very glad to have accomplished this goal. I feel gratitude to the players for playing their best. As for the Argentina team, many of players were inexperienced and there were some basic faults in this match. I once again want to say that I am happy that we were united and won two games.

KIM Se-Jin ( KOR Captain ) I'm happy to win this match. Always the match against Argentina is difficult. Until middle of match, they had a good rhythm, however we could recover our rhythm and confident at the same time. I want to do our best tomorrow as well.

Carlos GETZELEVICH ( ARG Head Coach ) For the first set, we were able to play equally with Korea, but from the second set, we couldn't win any sets due to our lack of experience. As I've been saying for several times, I hope this tournament to be a good experience for our young players. ( As for the captain being absent from this press conference ) He has some problem with the stomach, but there's nothing to worry about.

Alejandro SPAJIC ( ARG Player No. 10 ) At the beginning we played well. But at the third set and the fourth set, our blocking did not work well. That was our bad point.