FIVB World Grand Champions Cup Media Guide 2013 - page 2

It is our great pleasure to have another opportunity to
host the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup for men and
The FIVB World Grand Champions Cup was founded in
1993 and this year’s competition will be the sixth edition
of a tournament that we are proud to have hosted since
its inception.
This year’s women’s competition will take place in Nagoya
and Tokyo and in Kyoto and Tokyo for the men. The six
teams in each gender competing in the round robin
tournament comprise hosts Japan, the four continental
champions and a team nominated by the FIVB, the JVA
and NTV.
This is the first FIVB tournament to take place in Japan
since Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Summer Olympic
Games and we are fully committed to ensuring its success.
We would like to cheer on all the participating players and
encourage them to play to best of their abilities throughout
the tournament. We would like to support their hopes
and dreams and show enthusiasm as supporters of the
volleyball community. Furthermore, we will endeavour to
be successful on and off the court. More important than
winning and losing is that we all bind together in one thing
– volleyball.
Finally, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to FIVB
President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° and other members of the
FIVB for their efforts and cooperation, and I would also
like to extend my gratitude to NTV, the Yomiuri Group, our
sponsors, local organisers and everyone else concerned for
their massive contribution.
Mr. Yuichiro Hamu
President of the Japan Volleyball Association
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