FIVB’s new web-based tool for education and training will be upgraded with “current techniques in women’s volleyball 2006”!


At the FIVB commissions meetings – in particular at the joint meeting of the Technical and the Coaching Commissions in September 2007 – a concept for the continuous upgrading and perfection of the tool has been presented. Didactically structured examples from „women’s volleyball service and reception technique” (slow motion, still frames, graphics/texts insert) from matches of the 2006 World Championships and of the 2005 World Grand Prix have been shown. Plus, ideas on how to further improve attractiveness, functionality and versatility of the contents of the tool by upgrading the software basis have been given.

The presented concept and the draft of the first two presentations (service, reception) have been realized in close cooperation between the Technical Commission, the IAT Leipzig (Dr. B. Fröhner) and the software house CCC from Leipzig. They met with undivided approval and support from the commission members, in particular also from the President of FIVB, Dr. Ruben Acosta. This gave us motivation to edit the draft appropriate for the web with the currently used software utilius® VS, to complete it and to put it into the web already at the 2007 women’s and men’s World Cup. The presentations characterize the preliminary results of our work, and new video material, picture sequences, graphics and interesting expert comments shall enrich them. The particular target of the planned upgrade of the software is the effective processing of the extensive video material, the design of multimedia layouts and transparent interactive searching facilities within the elements of the tool.

The presentation comprises 66 video clips with service techniques and 83 video clips with reception techniques, documenting the versatility and individuality, but also the common features of individual technical tactical actions in the playing context. The material is in each case divided into three chapters for service and reception. The video clips may be opened by free choice (video matrixes). Short, concise teaching points, very quickly elaborated by Lorne Sawula, support the study of the videos (tables).