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The FIVB technical evaluations are made by the FIVB expert team in collaboration with the FIVB Technical Commission.

The top level volleyball is thoroughly analysed. The main trends, tactics and game evolutions are introduced to show the latest techniques in modern volleyball.

This is an open resource material provided by the FIVB to National Federations, Confederations, Coaches, Players, Officials and other interested parties.

2014 FIVB Volleyball World Champs  

2010 FIVB Volleyball World Champs  

Women's Men's

2013 U23 Volleyball World champs  


Men's Women's

For a better result, you can download the video file for creating own video comments, drawings, angles and slow motion. We recommend the open source Software "Kinovea".


Or using the utilius faiplay lite which allows the user to open the videos directly and enables to record videos from the camcorder, go to any point of the recording, play back and analyze videos, record simultaneously, video cut of all selected sequences, drawing of lines, arrows, rectangles, circles and free lines into the video, etc.