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Players should be taught the following seven fundamental playing patterns as individual skills required in the
actual Volleyball game.
When players master each fundamental playing pattern, they should be introduced to complex training methods
and formation. It will be difficult to attain good team plays in the actual game without the mastery of these seven
basic patterns. The coach should master the theoretical background and scientific approach of each pattern for
effective explanation to players.
Basic Individual Techniques
1. Fundamental positions, postures and movements in Volleyball
2. Pass play and set-up play
3. Service
4. Spike
5. Attack reception and net recovery
6. Service reception
7. Blocking
1. Fundamental Positions, Postures and Movements in Volleyball
A. Fundamental Postures
There are two kinds of postures:
i) Front Row players’ posture for quick blocking and
ii) Back Row players’ posture for reception of quick attacks from opponents’ court.
P 1: Posture for Front Row Players
Chapter VI
Teaching Basic Individual Techniques
by Prof. Hiroshi Toyoda, President of Technical Commission
Chapter VI -
Teaching Basic Individual Techniques