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1. Before Training
Before beginning training practice, the beginners’ Volleyball coach should carefully check the following:
–– Study the environment around the players
–– Check the health of each player with medical examinations
–– Evaluate the physical performances of each player
–– Study players’ mental attitudes and characteristics in keeping good human relations
–– Know technical levels concerning fundamental individual playing patterns
Based on this data, the coach should then prepare the following items for players:
–– Coaching programmes for beginners
–– Facilities and equipment for practice and training (gymnasium, nets and courts, balls)
–– Arrange teaching materials such as books, films, videos and training uniforms etc.
–– Arrange teaching groups based on the skill level of each player
–– Design coaching staff for each group for more effective coaching
–– Financial conditions which should be presented to each beginner
–– Prepare uniforms, shorts and shoes for each player
2. Coaching Procedures for Beginning Volleyball Fundamental Playing Patterns
a) Three steps to be introduced in sports coaching:
i) How to play – enjoy Volleyball introducing many ways to play (Motivation)
ii) How to teach – to give a feeling of success and improvement (Effort)
iii) How to win – to give many emotions through victory (Concentration)
b) Coaching Procedures for Beginners:
–– Preliminary training for individual playing patterns
–– Familiarization with the ball, introducing ball handling training and games for beginners with movements
–– Physical preparation and conditioning
–– Introduction to initial game situations
–– Underhand pass and fundamental postures
–– Overhand pass
–– Single hand pass and underhand service
–– Lead-up games, initial game situations
Chapter V
Volleyball for Beginners
(Mini and Mass Volleyball)
by Prof. Hiroshi Toyoda, President of Technical Commission
Chapter V -
Volleyball for Beginners