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nderstanding the Coach’s role, their
responsibilities, duties andmoral norms
are very important for the perfecting
and the development of Volleyball in
general, as well as for improving the
technical-tactical skills and results of
the players and teams as a whole.
The official FIVB statistics states:
There are over 500 million people
participating in organized Volleyball and
beach volley-ball.
Organized Volleyball means – regular
training and participation in any
competition. It can be realised only
under the leadership of the coach (a
Volleyball instructor, a school teacher,
a physical education tutor). There can
be school teams, university or college
teams, beach volley pairs, national
teams, club teams and children’s teams.
The role, the responsibilities, the duties
and the level of mastery of these groups
of coaches differ greatly.
If we assume that one coach is working
with a group of 25 players it means there
is an active army of 10 million coaches.
Within the framework of this lesson it is
practically impossible to, even partially,
touch upon all main problems about
the coach’s role.
This is why the only key-points will be
What are the coach’s main roles and
Two following diagrams will help to
answer these questions.
Chapter IV
The Role of the Coach
by Mr. Yuri Chesnokov, former president of Coaches Commission (1933 - 2010)
Chapter IV -
The Role of the Coach