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What is Park Volley?

Hi, my name is Parky,
I am the Park Volley mascot. Do you want more pictures of me? CLICK HERE

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Park Volley aims at players, with no age or gender distinction, for whom participating is more important than winning (although scoring points will still be the main issue).

Considering that the rules are simple and that there are less technical demands on the players, PARK VOLLEY can be the perfect introduction to the game of Volleyball. Besides, as half of the world plays Volleyball "without a roof", this new discipline has enormous potential of development in all five continents.

Although PARK VOLLEY focuses on leisure activity, it can also be implemented as a highly competitive sport.
Parky and his teammate

Game Characteristics

PARK VOLLEY is played by two teams of four players on a court divided by a net. There are different versions available for specific circumstances in order to adapt the game to the playing conditions and to the players’ characteristics.

As the name suggests, Park Volleyball is mainly an outdoor game, but it can also be played indoors - using the existing installation in the gymnasiums. A specially adapted ball - lighter and larger - can be used for the youngest categories.

The court set-up is based on a simple, light and mobile portable system  and can be installed either outdoor or indoor, if needed.

Although the characteristics of Volleyball are maintained, there are less rules in PARK VOLLEY and they are easy to understand. "Auto-refereeing" is the rule.  Fair play and sportsmanship are of key importance.

PARK VOLLEY is played under the Rally Point Scoring System (same as Volleyball).

CLICK HERE for the official Park Volley rules.