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International Cooperation

As the world governing body of Volleyball in all its forms (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Park Volley, U-Volley, Mini and School Volley), the FIVB manages and encourages the practice and the expansion of Volleyball but also offers and implements programs aimed at promoting global development initiatives through Volleyball.

FIVB activities in the Development area are an integral part of what we view as our responsibility to society.

Development Opportunities through Volleyball

Volleyball is an ideal sport for all ages - it is fun and easy to learn!  It requires few facilities and equipment, avoids body contact, develops team spirit, provides great entertainment and is open for both males and females.

Because it is a non-violent sport, it contributes effectively to building self-esteem, social skills and teamwork, so much needed to rebuild shattered societies.

As well, Volleyball can be used by people experiencing or having experienced conflict, as an essential element for conflict prevention.

The scope of development opportunities offered by Volleyball are extensive and we are proud to be associated with our international partners for peace achievement and human development.


True story:  A few years ago, a Sudanese refugee woman in charge of a Volleyball programme for girls in a Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, told a visiting IOC delegation, "Do not think you are doing good by sending knitting, sewing and basket-weaving materials down here for the girls.  When they sit quietly and sew, they remember the horrors that made them refugees.  They do not need sewing now, they desperately need the joyful therapy that only group sports and play can bring.  It transports them to a normal world.  It helps them forget.  It heals.  Please don't forget the girls".


FIVB Partners

Click on the logos on the right to learn more about our involvement with our international partners.

-   UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
-   Global Sports Alliance
-   WHO (World Health Organization)
-   UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)
-   ILO (International Labour Organisation)
-   Olympafrica