London 2012


Press releases

26.12.2012 09:41:42
Olympic Volleyball review - Stunning finals highlight terrific tournament

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 26, 2012 - As part of an end-of-year review series, the FIVB takes a look back at the outstanding volleyball competiti... More...

26.12.2012 09:41:42
Revisión de Voleibol Olímpico – Impresionantes finales en un torneo extraordinario

Lausana, Suiza, 26 de diciembre de 2012 - Mientras el voleibol playa capturó la mayor atención mediática en los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres, con ... More...

22.08.2012 09:57:22
Russia sets the bar high, but expect big changes from Brazil and USA, says Tom Hoff

Lausanne, Switzerland, August 22, 2012 - In a final retrospective on the London Olympics, former USA captain Tom Hoff talks about the Russian players ... More...

12.08.2012 18:31:48
Russia come from behind to win Olympic title after 32 years, Brazil and Italy get silver and bronze

12.08.2012 18:30:00
Brazilian legend Giba calls time on career

12.08.2012 18:18:40
Last man standing: Russian hero Sergey Tetyukhin

12.08.2012 18:00:28
Mikhaylov masterfully aids comeback win for men’s gold

12.08.2012 17:59:40
Muserskiy sets scoring record on way to gold medal

12.08.2012 16:33:15
Russia come from behind to save two match balls as Dmitriy Muserskiy leads the way to Olympic gold

12.08.2012 16:00:45
Papi: his fourth medal is for his friend Vigor

12.08.2012 13:27:44
Zaytsev hopes bronze will take Italy back to top of volleyball world

12.08.2012 12:37:54
Italy claim classification match with Bulgaria to seize their fifth Olympic medal

12.08.2012 11:51:30
Expect changes to Brazil women's team - Virna

11.08.2012 23:37:49
Players praise coaching legend Ze Roberto after gold medal success

11.08.2012 23:36:33
Sheilla, back to happiness

11.08.2012 22:45:11
Brazil win second consecutive title, USA and Japan complete Olympic podium

11.08.2012 21:42:10
Takeshita, the small setter who inspired a generation (and eventually claimed Olympic bronze)

11.08.2012 21:35:30
Once more... it is Brazil to celebrate Olympic gold!

11.08.2012 19:55:50
FIVB to use technology to improve volleyball

11.08.2012 18:45:54
Brazil go for third crown as Russia attempt to return to the top after 32 years

11.08.2012 16:33:37
Japan shrug off nerves to end wait for Olympic medal

11.08.2012 16:05:58
Sakoda soars during Japan’s bronze medal victory

11.08.2012 14:27:56
Japan claim bronze 28 years after last Olympic podium in Los Angeles

10.08.2012 22:31:59
Russia and Brazil to clash in men’s Olympic final

10.08.2012 20:53:51
Lindsey Berg, the relaxed warrior

10.08.2012 19:57:12
USA and Brazil extend rivalry in Olympic final, Korea and Japan look for first medal in decades

10.08.2012 15:58:29
Two very different teams should make for an exciting final, says Virna

09.08.2012 22:39:15
Brazil and USA to fight once again for women’s Olympic gold

09.08.2012 20:36:49
Bulgaria and Italy have to turn odds as they vie for Olympic final

09.08.2012 00:08:54
Bulgaria to play Russia, as Italy take on Brazil in men’s semifinals

08.08.2012 20:07:23
"Volleyball has turned into a unique success story in London" says IOC member Mario Pescante

08.08.2012 15:48:41
Gamova quits the team after London

08.08.2012 00:22:05
Japan take on Brazil as USA re-play Korea in women’s semis

07.08.2012 22:58:47
Classy quarterfinals set the tone for deciding stage of men’s competition

07.08.2012 17:29:01
Daniel Castellani says US programme is what sets them apart

07.08.2012 01:16:05
Bulgaria and USA top charts at the end of prelims, South American derby to highlight 1/4 finals

06.08.2012 22:56:52
US American libero Richard Lambourne dreams of remake of Beijing golden days

06.08.2012 17:21:23
Volleyball is a family affair for Poland's beach star Grzegorz Fijalek

06.08.2012 01:43:51
Russia and United States conclude with spotless record

06.08.2012 00:13:38
Berg and Lo Bianco setting the standard

05.08.2012 21:37:57
Heat is on in battle for last-eight places in men's tournament

05.08.2012 21:18:33
FIVB technical evaluation highlights “attractive” volleyball at London Olympics

05.08.2012 19:46:29
Milagros Cabral dreaming a medal with Dominican Republic

05.08.2012 17:48:35
Savanah Leaf: from San Jose to Earls Court via the University of Miami to become an Olympian for Team GB

05.08.2012 13:41:58
FIVB hero Lydia Oulmou hopes Algeria's Olympic appearance will help get more youngsters involved in the sport

05.08.2012 03:18:40
Bulgaria and USA lose invincibility, all doors open in men’s tournament

05.08.2012 02:01:11
Serbia, parenthood is a key for the team

05.08.2012 00:29:02
Japan destined for medal - Obayashi

04.08.2012 21:19:13
Russia to battle Italy for first place in Pool A

04.08.2012 18:26:40
Obayashi dreams of Olympic medal for Team Japan... hoping Tokyo will host the Games in 2020!

04.08.2012 16:34:55
Getting to know Georg Grozer: much more than just a volleyball power!

04.08.2012 14:50:34
USA men building perfectly - Hoff

04.08.2012 01:53:45
Olympic defending champions Brazil stay in contention

03.08.2012 22:05:34
Russia and Team USA to highlight day 4 of men’s tournament

03.08.2012 21:45:55
A dangerous ranking for Brazil Sheilla

03.08.2012 18:43:50
Brazilian Motta, an expert handling young people

03.08.2012 17:19:49
Ankle injury does not undermine Eda's good mood and Olympic dream

03.08.2012 11:30:00
Jason Haldane guiding Great Britain younger teammates

03.08.2012 02:18:39
Bulgaria and USA stay unbeaten after third round of play is completed

02.08.2012 20:40:48
Mouthwatering breakfast at Earls Court on Friday

02.08.2012 20:39:06
High-jump queen Stefka Kostadinova feels Bulgaria's men may have a shot at a medal

02.08.2012 20:35:29
Would you marry me? Italian spiker gets her engagement ring on the court

02.08.2012 19:36:02
Selling England by the pound

02.08.2012 19:21:49
Poland's legendary mentor feels glorious days of Montreal may come back in London

02.08.2012 14:32:36
Basketball hero Vlade Divac shows up at Earls Court to cheer on Serbian team

02.08.2012 13:34:16
Former captain of Italy women’s team lauds team USA and setter, Lindsey Berg

02.08.2012 04:02:29
Korea score amazing victory over Brazil, USA unbeaten in Pool B

01.08.2012 23:39:38
Men’s volleyball in 3D

01.08.2012 21:48:49
Olympic jumps over a huge swimming pool

01.08.2012 21:22:03
Brazil and USA to take centre stage in third round of men's volleyball tournament

01.08.2012 20:51:33
Funny Italian amulet gets its spot on social network

01.08.2012 19:36:33
Members of Royal Army feel "captured" by volleyball show at Earls Court

01.08.2012 17:09:07
"Neslihan a role model to look at for all of our women" says Turkey's Sports Minister Kilic

01.08.2012 17:00:06
Marko Podrascanin, the new lighthouse of Serbia

01.08.2012 14:49:21
Japan Embassy hosts Tokyo 1964 memorabilia

01.08.2012 02:24:38
Brazil rout Russia in top match of the day as Bulgaria upset Poland

01.08.2012 00:08:31
A legend on the bench: USA vice coach Karch Kiraly

31.07.2012 22:21:03
"Volleyball a unique synthesis of all athletic abilities" says LOCOG chairman Sebastian Coe

31.07.2012 21:49:27
Bethania De La Cruz realizes her dreams in London

31.07.2012 19:16:45
Third day of women’s action could be pivotal for some teams

31.07.2012 18:01:05
Priddy family gets together to cheer on Reid's quest for second Olympic gold

31.07.2012 12:41:51
Former Italian star Andrea Lucchetta praises Olympic Games

31.07.2012 07:02:54
Four remain undefeated in Olympic Tournament

30.07.2012 23:58:55
Brazil and Russia to contribute classy showdown for second round of action in men's tournament

30.07.2012 20:57:58
Tom picks group spirit as main asset of Team USA on quest for Olympic gold

30.07.2012 20:36:43
Korean Kim wants to be a complete player

30.07.2012 14:50:16
Chinese volunteer Zhou Jie shares his Olympic experience at Earls Court

30.07.2012 02:31:34
No surprises on opening day as favourites all win

30.07.2012 02:28:57
Women are the attraction at Earls Court on Monday

29.07.2012 15:44:12
FIVB praises legacy provided by the Olympics for bright future of volleyball in the UK

29.07.2012 13:42:09
GB fans impressed after discovering elite volleyball

29.07.2012 07:21:24
Brazil and USA women pass early strong test

28.07.2012 15:15:45
Olympic spirit and values quickly turn into reality at Earls Court

28.07.2012 10:25:08
Priddy rates American men stronger than four years ago

27.07.2012 17:06:39
The battle for women’s gold kicks off on Saturday

27.07.2012 15:30:20
Classy women's competition ready to start at Earls Court

27.07.2012 13:59:20
Poland and Italy highlight opening day of men's tournament at London 2012

26.07.2012 20:38:33
Brazil and Turkey to clash in women’s opening day

26.07.2012 19:22:44
Team USA and Argentina sparring partners at Earls Court on the eve of opening ceremony

26.07.2012 14:48:28
"Watch out for Team USA, they're strong" says Germany head coach Vital Heynen