PRESS RELEASE 16.06.2005


2005 World League
Thumbs up for Belgrade ahead of Final Round

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 16, 2005 - The venue for the 2005 World League Final Round in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro was inspected last weekend and given an outstanding endorsement by Managing Director of the World League Council Mr. Franz Schmied who said; "The Hall is amazing and I believe that the Final Round in Belgrade will be a real spectacle for everyone."

Mr. Schmied was joined by FIVB WL TV Coordinator Mr. Mario Kochwalter and a host delegation led by Mr. Slobodan Miloševic, Secretary General of OSSCG, while RTS - the National Broadcasting Network, was represented by Mr. Zoran Trifunovic (TV Producer), and Mr. Vujadin Vujovic (TV Director).

"I am very satisfied from what I have seen," Mr. Schmied said. "The potential and conditions in the Hall are excellent. The only problem is the warm up court, but we will deal with it in the best possible way. I am extremely happy with the fact that the officials responsible for organizing the Final Round have worked very hard and they are eager to provide us with the best possible conditions. The Hall is amazing and I believe that the Final Round in Belgrade will be a real spectacle for everyone."

With only three weeks remaining in the 2005 World League Intercontinental Round, the competition is building towards the grand finale in the "Belgrade Arena" Hall of Sports, where the hosts Serbia and Montenegro will play the winners of each of the Intercontinental Round pools in the 2005 Final Round from July 8-10 for the chance to become 2005 World League Champion.

Live coverage of the World League Final Round is guaranteed to be on at least 20 television stations worldwide as RTS will use at least 15 cameras to provide the breathtaking climax to the premier annual men's Volleyball tournament in their host broadcast.

With everything in place and Serbia and Montenegro's tradition for organizing fantastic spectacles, fans around the globe will be able to witness top class Volleyball action from Belgrade. "From what I have seen, RTS will do everything in their power to present the Final Round at the highest level," Mr. Kochwalter said.

As part of the inspection trip, Mr. Schmied, along with Mr. Boricic, President of OSSCG, watched the second game of the 2005 World League Intercontinental Third Round contest between Serbia and Montenegro and Poland.

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