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Beach Volleyball Drill-book
Modified games teach tactics and strategy that are lacking in a closed ‘skill-centered’ or ‘drill-
centered’ approach. In the skill centered environment, techniques are often taught in isolation as
‘drills’ do not require athletes to think about the relevance of the skill to a game situation.
Adopting a game centered approach to training may be the best way to develop ‘game smarts’
especially in beach volleyball where the environmental conditions can change from minute to
minute and the ability to adjust will have a significant effect on success.
Games for beginners (especially youth beginners) should be modified to promote success,
extend rallies, and for maximal enjoyment!
It is often more valuable to teach athletes a tactical understanding of the game before dealing
with the performance of skills. The athletes then experience the excitement of actual play and
then when they understand why each skill is important, they learn the individual skills faster and
can apply them more effectively during a game.
Rules can be adapted in a number of ways and below are some suggestions of modifications
that could be made for junior athletes:
Any shot that goes over the net must be a hit. The ball can’t be thrown over the net.
An athlete can catch and throw the ball to a teammate on the 1
and 2
The 3
contact cannot be caught at all.
Athletes should be encouraged to throw the ball up into the air rather than flat to their
teammates to give the athletes more time to move and simulate a volleyball game.
If a catch is dropped you lose the point.
If an athlete catches and throws they must remain stationary during the action.
Maximum of 5 serves in a row from 1 individual.
Only 1 Adult on the side of the court (keeping score), the rest to sit away from the court
The score is not as important as the enjoyment of the kids
Games can begin to become more ‘regulation’ as the developing skills of the athletes naturally
lead towards longer rallies. The effectiveness of wash drills however cannot be understated as
they increase the number of touches on the ball in a specific period of time and are great for
Modifications on the rules of the game are not just for athletes still ‘developing’. Many advanced
athletes use modified wash drills to enhance game endurance or to focus on specific skills that
they feel they need to work on.