FIVB Beach Volleyball Drill-book - page 86

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Beach Volleyball Drill-book
(beginner / intermediate)
Ideal: No balls required
Minimum: No balls
Ideal: 1 athlete + coach observing
Maximum: Up to 12 athletes + coach observing
Minimum 1 athlete + coach observing
This drill focuses on developing the
technique for dropping off the net quickly
(also referred to as retreating)
If an athlete has plenty of time you may
observe them jogging back to their defensive
position (with shoulders staying parallel to
the net) however this is not ideal for
situations requiring speed.
The technique described in this drill allows
for fast movement backwards and is the
chosen technique of players competing at a
high level.
Athletes line up across the net with one leg
forward. The athletes then turn their body
(but not eyes) towards the baseline and
‘push off’ to move back off the net.
They should keep their arms up at shoulder
height during this movement.
They then turn the body back to face the net
ready to make a play at the ball.
The first movement is similar to that of the
‘karaoke’ footwork in that the knee comes up
and across the body.
One good way to teach this movement
pattern is to get athletes to do the karaoke
from net to baseline a few times making sure
they keep their eyes on the net.
Depending on which side of the net the
athlete is retreating on the foot that is closest
to your partner should be back.
Make sure that athletes practice this footwork
on both sides of the net.
Athletes can practice retreating a
small or large distance back.
Athlete could be timed for how many
retreats they can do in 30 seconds.
Athletes could make a play at a ball
after retreating back.
1 Athletes need to be down, ‘loaded’ and ready to
move prior to the retreat.
2 Athletes should be reminded to never take their eyes
off the net when retreating.
3 Make sure the correct foot is forward.
4 The athlete should be stopped and balanced when
the ball is hit.
5 Athletes should keep their arms up at shoulder
height throughout the movement to enable them to
play a low or high ball on retreating.
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