FIVB Beach Volleyball Drill-book - page 74

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Beach Volleyball Drill-book
Ideal: As many balls as possible
Minimum: 4 balls
Ideal: 2 athletes + coach observing
Maximum: 4 athletes per side + coach observing
Minimum: 1 athlete + coach observing
This drill works on reinforcing the correct
angle of approach to the attack and
additionally this drill helps to develop good
arm and hand positioning for the spike.
The athlete faces the direction of a regular
spike approach.
This is on a slight angle (facing the cross
court corner) for a right-hander on the left
side and closer to straight on for a right-
hander on the right side.
The opposite applies for a left-handed
The athlete then tosses the ball up in front of
them and with a high arm swing and staying
on the ground plays either a soft shot to any
one of the areas outlined by the coach.
The number of repetitions that the athlete
completes along with the positions will be
dependent on the objectives of the training
and what shots the athlete needs to refine.
Despite some advanced players specializing
in playing one particular side of the court an
athlete should make sure they practice soft
shots from both sides of the court.
It may be beneficial for the athlete to play
one hard attack in between each soft shot to
reinforce the maintenance of a high arm.
Instead of tossing to themselves,
athletes can have a partner or coach
set them up.
If the athletes have mastered the
spike approach they could then
move towards attacking the ball off a
spike jump.
1 Athletes need to be reminded to contact the ball high
and to snap with the wrist to change the direction of
the ball rather than changing the direction of the ball
by dropping the elbow.
2 When a right-handed athlete is attacking from the
right side they will want to think ‘thumb up’ on the cut
and ‘thumb down’ for the line.
3 When a right-handed athlete is attacking from the
left side they must think ‘thumb down’ for the cut and
‘thumb up’ for the line.
4 The opposite will apply for left handed athletes.
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