FIVB Beach Volleyball Drill-book - page 73

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Beach Volleyball Drill-book
Ideal: As many balls as possible
Minimum: 4 balls
Ideal: 1 athlete + coach observing
Maximum: 8 athletes + coach observing
Minimum: 1 athlete + coach participating
This drill works on reinforcing the correct
angle of approach to the attack and
additionally this drill helps to develop good
arm and hand positioning for the spike.
This is a good drill for development of the
spike action in athletes that have not yet
mastered the spike approach.
The coach or another athlete tosses a ball in
the air for the athlete to hit.
Athlete moves towards the ball and uses the
non-hitting arm to find the ball before bringing
the hitting arm through to spike.
If the athlete brings their non-hitting arm
down to early it may be beneficial to have
them keep their non-hitting arm up and get
them to knuckle every second ball over the
net with their non-hitting arm. (hitting arm
should be ‘cocked’ back with elbow high)
If the athlete spikes with the wrong leg
forward (left foot forward for right handed
athletes and right foot forward for left
handed) then you can have them shuffling in
to the spike with the correct footwork.
Athletes should be aiming to spike the ball
into the deep corner in this drill.
For shorter players you may have to lower
the net or set the ball further off the net.
Toss balls in a number of different
locations so that the athletes have to
move in order to contact the ball in
the correct place above the shoulder.
1 Make sure that the athletes are placing the correct
foot forward when they contact the ball.
2 Encourage athletes to keep ball in front of them.
3 Encourage athletes to find ball with their non-hitting
arm as this will aid them in judging the distance the
ball is from them and timing of the arm-swing.
4 Encourage the athletes to reach high and snap the
wrist over top of the ball.
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