FIVB Beach Volleyball Drill-book - page 42

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Beach Volleyball Drill-book
One important concept to get through to beginners is that they should treat each serve like it is
theirs to pass and always make a movement to the ball. Take 2 steps towards the ball even if
not passing! Also passing forward is a very important concept to reinforce. Many beginning
athletes pass the ball towards their partners and the ball ends up going backwards or across the
court. Passers should also focus on keeping the ball ‘lower’ ‘closer’ and ‘smaller’ than indoors.
For intermediate athletes who have the basics of passing down but are not consistent passing
forward and slightly in towards the middle of the court, up and down is a good idea. Imagine two
lines perpendicular to the net made from the two passers - the first two plays the ball should
always be contacted between these two lines. A ball that goes outside of these two lines is out
of control or ‘out of system’ – balls kept inside these two lines are ‘in system’
As you become a more proficient athlete you will come up against athletes with better serves.
These serves will come at you faster and will move you around the court more. As a result of
this any weaknesses in your passing will be exploited. Being able to maintain a good platform
when passing the ball outside of your body becomes vital as the serves become tougher.
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