FIVB Beach Volleyball Drill-book - page 36

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Beach Volleyball Drill-book
(beginner / intermediate)
Ideal: As many balls as possible
Minimum: 5 balls
Ideal: 4 athletes + coach observing
Maximum: 6 athletes + coach observing
Minimum: 1 athlete + coach observing
Athletes learn to develop a good consistent
deep serve that lands in the last 3 feet of the
court and pushes the passer back.
Great serve when the server is playing with
the wind in their back as the ball has to travel
a significant distance up into the wind after
the pass making it difficult for the opposition
After drawing a line 3 feet from the baseline
(cones can also be used for better visibility)
athletes practice serving deep.
Athletes should serve a number of serves
deep in a row to get a feel for the correct
angle and distance before breaking up each
serve with a run into the court.
In order to disguise the serve, have the
athlete move under the ball just prior to
contact to create a higher angle of trajectory.
In order for the deep serve to be effective it
must travel high over the passers to force
them back as low flat serves can be passed
without the opposition having to retreat.
Initially the server should focus on the
distance and trajectory of the serve before
thinking about the line of the serve.
Once the athlete has mastered the distance
and trajectory of the deep serve athletes
could consider serving the deep middle ball
wind to create confusion between the
Any break between serves will have
an effect on consistency and make
serving accurate more difficult.
Additionally for fun the coach could
heckle the server to try to put them
off their serve. Server has to try to
stay focused.
1 Athletes should be aware of the arc of the ball and
attempt to serve high in order to push the passer
back rather that low and flat which will allow the
passer to play the ball without having to retreat.
2 Athletes should focus on developing a consistent
contact on the ball in order to better judge the
distance the serve is likely to go.
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