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Beach Volleyball Drill-book
1.10 WARM-UP
Ideal: 4+ balls
Minimum: 1 or 2 balls
Ideal: 2 or 3 athletes + coach observing
Maximum: 4 athletes + coach observing
Minimum: 1 athletes + coach assisting
This objective of this drill is to loosen up the
body and raise body temperature in
preparation for more strenuous activity.
It will also increase the athlete’s awareness
of how current environmental conditions
affect the ball.
Additionally this drill reinforces correct
defense techniques and overall hustle.
This drill starts with one athlete on either side
of the net.
One side is the ‘points’ side and the other is
the ‘challenger’ side.
The athlete on the ‘challenger’ side
underhand serves across the net and
athletes play out the rally with only one touch
For a slightly easier option you can make the
drill ‘2 touch’.
The ball must be played with both hands
If the athlete on the ‘points’ side wins the rally
they get a point and if the player on the
‘challenger’ side wins they move to the
‘points’ side to receive the next serve.
If there are two athletes they can stay on
their own side and play to a certain score.
If there is only one athlete, the coach can
mark out a smaller court for her/himself and
have the athlete working harder for a point.
Athletes need to drop to the ground
between each contact they make
with the ball.
Individuals or teams must play the
ball and run round the court to enter
from the other side
1 Athletes need to stay very low and be activated and
ready to move as the opposition is about to contact
the ball.
If there is only one athlete on each side the athlete
needs to attempt to return to the middle (and slightly
back) of the court after each contact, as this is the
best ‘base’ position from which to dig any ball
coming over.
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