FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour

Kish Island Open 2016 | 15 - 19 février 2016


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Farrokhi sees progress for Iranian beach volleyball

Iran's Parvis Farrokhi will see action in the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Kish Island Open from February 15 to 19

Tehran, Iran, February 11, 2016 - Iranian beach volleyball player Parviz Farrokhi postponed his retirement from the national team to compete with Agh Mohammad Salagh for one last cause, as his country hosts its first ever FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour event from February 15 to 19 at Kish Island.

“I had no plans to compete in the World Tour as I have plans to bid farewell to my national team career,” the 47-year-old Farrokhi explained. “The main reason I am here is to learn and to transfer knowledge to my youth players. I have held three camps with my youth players in Urmia, Qeshm and Bousherhr. In the World Tour, Salagh had no partner, so we had to team up and become the third team of Iran.”

Farrokhi spends most of his time training the U17 boys’ beach volleyball team. He has dedicated 20 years of his life to playing beach volleyball, but he still believes that there are good lessons to pick up from playing against top-level teams at the Kish Island Open.

“I have seen so many good teams that will participate (in this tournament),” Farrokhi said. “They are all top-ranked in the world. Although two teams from USA withdrew from the competition, there are still a lot of strong teams here. The top Brazilian teams will not be participating as they have three consecutive events at home.”

Farrokhi talked about their intense preparations under newly appointed Brazilian coach Joao Luciano Simao Barbosa.

“Barbosa’s way of training is interesting,” Farrokhi said. “He has highlighted all the important cases. We already knew some of his points, yet he is still adding some more useful things. For instance, we already knew three of four setting trends, but he is now working 12 to 13 forms with us. He is covering all the important aspects in reception, service and passing. He is making us reduce errors to zero. He is bringing our condition to mid-level of actual play. I think his physical conditioning is demanding, but of course we are all getting used to it by now. We never had this kind of training before. I personally believe that we can make a 60 to 70 per cent progress in these 20 days.”

Farrokhi also shared his story on how he got into beach volleyball.

“I used to play volleyball,” Farrokhi said. “I was hurt once and my doctor told me that I could no longer play volleyball unless I worked on my legs. I shifted to beach volleyball because there was a lower probability of injury to my legs. It is also very fun and you can earn so much if you play in international competitions. Also, Iran is making good progress these days.”

“I would like to end my national team career but I would like to continue playing with my club,” Farrokhi continued. “When you stop training, your physical condition will change and you will put on more weight. Beach volleyball is an entertaining sport, so there is no hello and goodbye from me to this sport. As you grow older, the body is no longer responsive to heavy training. The best way is to stop being active in the national team, but it is recommended to continue playing in club teams to have fun and stay healthy.”

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