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  Roseto degli Abruzzi  2007   Men's Open
24.05.2007 -  27.05.2007



Roseto degli Abruzzi stages an "open" men's SWATCH-FIVB World Tour event for the second-straight season after the inaugural event featured an upset title win by Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher and Stefan Kobel over Emanuel Rego and Ricardo Santos of Brazil 14-21, 21-17 and 15-12.  The gold medal match was a replay of the Athens 2004 Olympic semi-finals where the Brazilians bested Heuscher and Kobel.  A renowned seaside resort, perfect for a relaxing holiday for families, Roseto degli Abruzzi is located between the Tordino and Vomano rivers and strikes the visitor with its fine, late 19th-century villas.  A municipality since 1860 and once named Rosburgo, Roseto degli Abruzzi is an established tourist resort with 42 beach facilities, 37 hotels and 10 campsites.  Brazilian teams have captured six of the previous 12 SWATCH stops in Italy.  Dio Lequaglie and Giovanni Errichiello posted the best finish for an Italian team in the 12 events with a silver medal in 1989 at Jesi.  It is one of two silver medal finishes for Italians on the SWATCH tour.  Roseto degli Abruzzi hosted a 2005 FIVB Challenger event where the Brazilian brothers Ferreira (Jan and Para) captured the final.


Kobel (left) and Heuscher celebrate Roseto win




Total Medals - Brazil 17, USA 8, Argentina 4, Switzerland 3, Norway 2, Canada 1, Italy 1


Site Year Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Jesi 1989 Sinjin Smith/Randy Stoklos, USA Giovanni Errichiello/Dionisio Lequaglie, ITA Karch Kiraly/Steve Timmons, USA
Lignano 1990 Tim Hovland/Kent Steffes, USA John Eddo/Sean Fallowfield, USA Eduardo Garrido/Roberto Moreira, BRA
Cattolica 1991 Smith/Stoklos, USA Eddo/Leif Hanson, USA Guilherme Marques/Andre Lima, BRA
Lignano 1992 Paulao Moreira/Paulo Emilio Silva, BRA Eduardo Garrido/Moreira, BRA Scott Friederichsen/Tim Walmer/Adriana, USA
Lignano 1995 Paulao/Paulo Emilio, BRA Conde/Esteban Martinez, ARG Roberto Lopes/Franco Neto, BRA
Lignano 1996 Emanuel Rego/Ze Marco de Melo, BRA Carl Henkel/Smith, USA Jan Kvalheim/Bjorn Maaseide, NOR
Lignano 1997 Conde/Martinez, ARG Emanue/Ze Marco, BRA Kvalheim/Maaseide, NOR
Lignano 1998 Guilherme/Para Ferreira, BRA Martin Laciga/Paul Laciga, SUI Emanuel/Jose Loiola, BRA
Lignano 1999 Emanuel/Loiola, BRA Guilherme/Para, BRA Conde/Martinez, ARG
Lignano 2000 Ze Marco/Ricardo, BRA M. Laciga/P. Laciga, SUI John Child/Mark Heese, CAN
Lignano 2001 Mariano Baracetti/Conde, ARG Loiola/Ricardo, BRA Emanuel/Tande Ramos, BRA
Roseto 2006 Patrick Heuscher/Stefan Kobel, SUI Emanuel/Ricardo, BRA Benjamin Insfran/Harley Marques, BRA
Totals   Brazil 6 Golds, USA 3, Argentina 2, Switzerland 1 Brazil 5 Silvers, USA 3, Switzerland 2, Argentina 1, Italy 1 Brazil 6 Bronzes, Norway 2, USA 2, Argentina 1, Canada 1