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2011 Junior World Championships | Men
  31/08/2011 - 4/09/2011


General Info
Tournaments' Side Events TBC
Ticketing Please contact Sports & Entertainment Atlantic (S|E|A) for details:
902-444-3773 x2
Hospitality Package VIP package, details will be soon available
Camp for Beach Volleyball fans TBC
Tentative TV Programming


Weather Conditions

Average 25 degrees celcius

Currency Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Tourist Office Web Site http://www.novascotia.com/en/home/default.aspx
Other recommended Hotels in the Area

Four Points Sheraton –

Prince George Hotel –

Westin Nova Scotian –

Halifax Marriott Harbourfront –

Popular Attraction Museums, Waterfront, Casino, Citadel Hill, Restaurants
Other useful information  
Time difference Atlantic Time Zone (-4)
Organizers chart Tournament Director: TBD
National Federation Delegate : TBD
Finance Director : TBD
Administrative Director : TBD
Competition Director : TBD
Operational Director : TBD
Doctor : TBD
Referee Manager : TBD
Technical Manager : TBD
Promotion Director : TBD
Press Director : TBD
Public Relations Director: TBD
Photographer : TBD
Board and lodging The promoter will bear the costs of board and lodging for all participating teams in the main draw (total of 48 teams). The promoter will not cover any board and lodging expenses for the qualification competition teams, coaches, NF head of delegation, athletes' parents or other people accompanying the players. Athletes are responsible for any and all extra expenses at the hotel such as mini-bar, phone calls, laundry, etc. These expenses must be paid at checkout.

The organizers will not be required to make reservations for coaches, guests, teams’ physiotherapists, friends, or family members accompanying the participating athlete.

Athletes eligibility & Entry regulations All athletes participating must be born on January 1, 1991 or thereafter. Only National Federations that will send by 30 days before the FIVB Junior World Championships Athlete's agreement and Team Entry form along with a copy of their passport can be considered eligible to take part in the event.

It is recommended to appoint a Head Delegate to accompany all teams from each country.

By 2 weeks before the event, the organizers will communicate to all parties the definitive list of eligible participating teams in the Main Draw and in the Qualification Tournament, along with the final Event's Regulations.

Transportation Each NF is responsible for the travel of their teams and head of delegation.

Athletes (or their National Federations) will be requested to apply early enough for their entry visas, whenever needed and will be accountable for all visa expenses.

All main draw teams are required to communicate to the organizers their respective travel itinerary through the WT/31 travel form no later than 3 days before the event.

All local transportation for all participating main draw teams, head of delegations and all officials will be ensured by the promoter to/from the indicated airport as well as to/from the hotel to the competition venue.
Qualification criteria NUMBER OF TEAMS IN THE MAIN DRAW: 24


Main Draw:

1. 4 teams per gender selected through Qualification Tournament.

2. 15 teams (3 teams per Continental Confederation) per gender for Continental Confederations.

3. 2 teams per gender from Host Country.

4. 3 wild cards per gender

*Each Continental Confederation has to communicate to the FIVB, 45 days prior to the event, the 3 teams (all different nationalities) per gender and the criteria of the selection of these teams.Afterwards, each National Federation is responsible to enter other teams no later than 30 days before the event and provide all the necessary documents as mentioned above (PLAYERS’ ELIGIBILITY).  If the FIVB does not receive the confirmation from the Continental Confederations or the respective National Federation fails to enter the teams or to provide the necessary documents before the deadline, the FIVB will use the criteria below to fill in the vacancies.

After the above selection, the remaining vacancies (both Main Draw and Qualification Tournament) will be filled with the following criteria:

1 - The 2010 SWATCH FIVB Beach Volleyball Junior World Championships ranking

2 - National Federations promoting FIVB SWATCH Senior World Championships and FIVB SWATCH World Tour events (in priority Grand Slam and then Open)

3 - Countries hosting Challenger and/or Satellite events in 2011

4 - The countries with (senior) players featured in the FIVB World Ranking

5 - National Federations promoting continental events grass roots activities

Team Country/Continental quota: 2 host country teams, 15 foreign country teams nominated by Continental Confederations (3 each). Each foreign NF has the possibility to enroll two teams per gender's event to fill the roster of the main draw if needed and of the qualification tournament. The first team having the priority and the second team must be declared 30 days before the start of the event.

DEADLINE TO ENTER: August 1, 2011
Useful information UNIFORMS: If required by the FIVB Technical Supervisor, uniforms and accessories will be checked during the Preliminary Inquiry. Athletes of the same team must wear the same color and style of shorts.The display of the individual players' sponsors' logos on shorts and accessories must comply with the FIVB advertising regulations. While tank tops will be provided by the Organizers to the athletes, shorts/bottoms and accessories must be provided by the players and/or by their sponsors. Uniforms will also be provided by the Organizers to officials Organizing staff members and volunteers. The display of the Athletes' sponsors' logos on shorts/briefs and accessories is free as long as it complies with FIVB advertising regulations. (Presence of FIVB Title Sponsor (Swatch), country code and FIVB number is mandatory on all tops and tank tops).

AWARDING: The winning men's and women's teams of the SWATCH FIVB Junior World Championships will have the right to take part in the main draw of one SWATCH FIVB World Tour event scheduled in the same or the following year. The FIVB will grant a wild card at a World Tour event to the two gold medalists winning teams; the wild cards should be mutually agreed by the FIVB, the National Federation of  the teams concerned and the Youth World Championships Organizers. The promoter of the SWATCH FIVB Junior World Championships will bear the international travel costs in economy class for the 2 winning teams to the above mentioned events. The teams ranked in the first three places will receive medals at the EVENT. Please note that this event will not attribute any prize money.

DOPING: The FIVB reserves the right to perform random doping controls, as per FIVB rules and regulations;

COACHING: National Federations can designate one coach per team who must be approved a minimum of 30 days before the event concerned by the FIVB. Promoters to give accreditation that allows coaches to be seated in a designated area on the centre court.

On outside courts, coaches must stay within a designated area determined by the FIVB technical supervisor.

FORFEIT: In case of forfeit of an enrolled team, each NF is responsible to inform both the FIVB and the organizer in writing in due time. Sanctions may be applied by the FIVB in case of last minute withdrawals, which are not due to force majeure;

WITHDRAWL FORCE MAJEURE: In case of forfeit of an enrolled team, each NF is responsible to inform both the FIVB and the organisers in writing in due time. Sanctions may be applied by the FIVB in case of withdrawals happening after the issue of the confirmed list of participating teams, which are not due to force majeure.

FIVB officials FIVB Technical Supervisor: Dirk DECHER
FIVB Referee Delegate: Roberto REGGIANI
FIVB Media Operational Delegate : Dominic CLARKE
FIVB International (Neutral) Referees: Katrina MC CORMICK-MEYER
FIVB International (Neutral) Referees: Dennis FRANCESCHINI
FIVB International (Neutral) Referees: Miguel RAMIREZ
FIVB International (Neutral) Referees: Mauro CAMARA
Rules of the game and sport equipment FIVB Official Beach Volleyball Rules 2009-2012 are on the FIVB

Web site: http://www.fivb.org/EN/Refereeing-Rules/RulesOfTheGame_BVB.asp

* These number / date are subject to change.