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Men's Brazil Open 2001  
Vitoria, 27 November - 2 December

Brazil, Switzerland and Argentina

top World Rankings

In an all-Brazilian final, top-seeded Tande and Emanuel fought back from one set down to defeat second-seeded Loiola and Ricardo 18-21, 24-22, 15-12 in 78 minutes, in the final of the men's beach volleyball Brazil Open at Camburi Beach, Vitoria, Espirito Santo on Sunday. 

The brother-pairing of Martin and Paul Laciga, from Switzerland, defeated Brazilians Murilo and Klepper 21-18, 25-23 to claim third spot in Vitoria, and in the process, eclipsed World Champions Mariano Baracetti and Martin Conde for the second spot of the FIVB years-end rankings. 

Tande, a gold medallist at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games as outside hitter of the dynamic Brazilian volleyball team, and Emanuel topped the FIVB rankings with five wins: Spain Open (Tenerife), Norway Open, Belgium Open, Spain Open (Mallorca), and Brazil Open, finishing their first season together with US$223,000 in prize money. 

The Laciga brothers (SUI) finished second on the FIVB World Rankings with US$152,000, World Champions Baracetti-Conde (ARG) third with US$183,000, Ricardo-Loiola (BRA) fourth with US$150,000 and Wong-Metzger (USA) fifth with US$94,000. 

Brazil also topped the women's FIVB World Rankings, which was finalised on 4 November in Fortaleza, Brazil. 

Adriana Behar-Shelda (BRA) finished first with US$281,000 in prize money, followed by Sandra Pires-Minello (BRA) US$144,000, Youngs-Fontana (USA) third with US$158,000, Walsh-May (USA) fifth with US$103,000, and Olympic gold medallists Cook-Pottharst (AUS) fifth with US$109,000. 

The 2002 professional beach volleyball World Tour for men and women will start on 5 June in Madrid, Spain and will feature events in Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Greece, Japan, France, Portugal, with the final events in Brazil 29 Oct-3 Nov (men) and 26 Nov - 1 Dec (women).

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Vitória, capital of the State of Espirito Santo, is located in an island with the same name and is characterized by its amazing beauty and modernity.

Vitória, also known as "The Honey Island" is the largest in an archipelago of 33 islands and features a winding and rocky coast line, a bay and a canal. Vitória is a quite calm place. Problems like traffic jams and violence, common to larger Brazilian cities, have not yet come to the island. The east side is the most beautiful part of the city. There you can find beaches, malls, mansions, typical restaurants, the best hotels and touristic attractions.

In the city downtown there is a region called "Cidade Alta" where you can find dozens of historical buildings built during the 16th century. The west side is mostly uninhabited.

Camburi Beach

Urbanized along its 5 Km, Camburi Beach is the main area for cultural and sporting activities, supported by the local government – Major Hall -, during the summer. 

It has a wide seashore with thin, white sand which you can enjoy at night, thanks to powerful lighting. This beach is the center of the city's nightlife as well as a place where boys and girls meet to surf. Camburi Beach has kiosques, restaurants, hotels, bars, beach volleyball and other beach activities.