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“A naked jewel of amber that unexpectedly opens, roselike, in depths of the wide bay”, as the great English novelist D.H. Lawrence described it.
Cagliari is the city of the sun: not only because of its climate, one of the mildest of the Mediterranean sea, but also because of its geographical position, facing
h resembling to a big window overlooking the sea. One of the Cagliari’s best known writers, Francesco Alziator, said: “Cagliari, the city of sun, an enchanting
blend of rocks and colours, of trees and sparkling glass; these are the real colours that Cagliari unfolds and reveals to those approaching her from
the sea”.

Cagliari sums up the whole history of Sardinia of which it is the capital. This city of Phoenician-Punic origins with impressive Roman remains, such as the
Roman Amphitheatre still holding an audience of up to twenty-thousand people. Moreover like any other center in Sardinia, Cagliari still preserves some
special expressions of its traditional heritage. Like the Saint Efisio Day, still worshipped as the Cagliari city patron: a joyful and massive procession attended
by folk people wearing their precious local costumes.

After hosting two times a Women’s World Tour Open, and two times the Finals of the Italian Championships, Cagliari and its wonderful Poetto beach, thanks
to the “Assessorato allo Sport” and the
Municipality of Cagliari who strongly wanted this event, will enjoy the first Women’s FIVB Challenger of its history.
The splendid Poetto beach extends along the western arc of the Golfo degli Angeli, and it begins near the promontory called the Sella del Diavolo (Devil’s Saddle).
The name originates with the legend of Lucifer being thrown from the saddle and chased away by a band of angels, and it’s well know for its beautiful white sand.