Men's Satellite Event 2004
SAN MARINO, Cattolica



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Wedged between the Italian regions of Romagna and Marche, only a few kilometres from the Adriatic Riviera, the Republic of San Marino covers a total area of just 61 sq km. It was founded in AD 301 by the Dalmatian stonemason Marinus, who sought refuge here - so the legend goes - from the persecutions of the Emperor Diocletian.

Ever since, the small country has been able to boast a history of freedom and independence, tenaciously and wisely defended against all-comers.
Having maintained its status as a free commune during the troubled Renaissance period, San Marino is today a perfect blend of modernity and centuries-old institutions and traditions.

With great generosity and solidarity, the tiny Republic more than once opened its doors to those who, during the more difficult periods of Italian history, were in need of shelter and protection.
Among others, Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of the two worlds and over one hundred thousand refugees escaping the bombs of the Second World War.
An exemplary history and magnificent countryside were the most outstanding attractions for famous and less-famous figures who, over the years, visited the country. Particularly beautiful is the view from the three fortresses, built as defence bulwarks on the top of Mount Titano. Thanks to its ancient and deep-rooted vocation for hospitality and friendliness, San Marino, with its great heritage of historic buildings and museums, and a wide variety of shops, attracts every year over three million visitors.
The country regularly hosts important cultural and sports events - many at international level - and is well-known for its philatelic and numismatic activities.

Cattolica is a beauty maritime city of the Adriatic coast, on the boundary, which divides Emilia Romagna and Marche.
A perfect place where to spend sea holidays: beach with fine sand, wide and well equipped, short sounding depth, ideal for children games. Tourism is a habit, in Cattolica: the experience comes from the tourist development through the years. Nowadays we dispose a ripe and well-made tourist offers; a lot of hotels, boarding houses, residences and private apartment to rent. Reception and cordiality are prerequisites that distinguish people of Cattolica, always ready to welcome you and to offer you their services along the holiday.

Cattolica is comfortable and elegant, the urban area is well took care, the parks are everywhere, the public walks are made pleasant by

ittle and big shops, open all day and in the evening too. Three face of the Queen: harbour, historic centre and tourist area are recognizable in this our little Municipality of Italy, build for satisfier the clients and for enjoy the holiday. Good cook is always present. From breakfast to lunch, from snack to dinner, everywhere you are, in hotel or at the bar, in sophisticated restaurant or in typical one, in terrace or by candlelight, the best romagnola tradition or the more fascinating international cook are waiting for you. In the evening, in Cattolica, with its squares, avenues and roads animated by thousand lights, music and happiness, offers you a lot of opportunities of entertainment all night long.