Under 19 & 21
World Championships


  Saint Quay Portrieux  2005   Men's Youth World Championship
04.08.2005 -  07.08.2005

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General Info General Info
Click here for Event Regulations: WT/06 (soon to be posted)
Promoter National Federation

Goëlo Saint-Brieuc Côtes d’Armor
22, Rue du Cap Hornier
22680 Etables sur Mer

Contact person : Mme Sophie Van Den Borre

Tel: +33 2 96 70 75 40
Fax: + 33 2 96 70 69 81

Fédération française de Volley-ball
Mr. Gil Pellan - President
17, Rue Georges Clemenceau

Tel: +33 (1) 58 42 22 22
Fax : + 33 1 58 42 22 32 

Map of the area & closest aiports

Closest international airport: Rennes

Closest local airport: Lannion: 70 km from the venue and 45 minutes by bus

See below for more precise airport pick-up details

Host Broadcaster Venue


Plage du Casino, Saint Quay Portrieux, France

2000 seat stadium capacity, including a roofed reserved area of 250 seats for media, delegations, sponsors, authorities, officials, etc.

6 official courts and 2 warm-up courts equipped with FIVB homologated materials.

Event Office Athlete eligibility & Entry Regulations

Goëlo Saint-Brieuc Côtes d’Armor
22, Rue du Cap Hornier
22680 Etables sur Mer

Contact person : Ms. Sophie Van Den Borre

Tel: +33 2 96 70 75 40
Fax: + 33 2 96 70 69 81

Athletes must be born on January 1, 1987 or thereafter.

Only athletes who have been properly registered through the FIVB VIS website by their respective NF’s, who have sent in a copy of a valid passport as well as duly signed and sent the FIVB their 2005 Junior World Championships Player’s Agreement will be considered eligible to take part in the event.

Teams wishing to take part in this event must contact their respective National Federations to register. National Federations are then required to electronically enter their teams through the FIVB VIS website 1 month before the start of the event. The National Federation hosting the event will then communicate the definitive list of eligible participating teams in the main draw and in the qualification tournament to all parties concerned, along with the final copy of the Event’s Regulations by no later than July 12, 2005.

Board and lodging Main Draw Teams & Officials Hotel

The Promoter will provide all teams taking part in the main draw with hotel accommodation (double rooms) and meals from the evening of Wednesday, August 3rd to breakfast Monday morning, August 8th. The 8 teams who will not advance from the preliminary phase to the final phase will be required to checkout on Saturday morning, August 6, 2005.

The promoter will not cover any board and lodging expenses for the qualification competition teams, coaches, NF head of delegation, athletes’ parents or other people accompanying the players.

 Athletes are responsible for any and all extra expenses at the hotel such as mini-bar, phone calls, laundry, etc. These expenses must be paid at checkout.

ATHLETES  (Main Draw):
Au Chêne Vert
2, Rue Croix Lormel
22190 PLERIN

Tel : + 33 2 96 79 80 20
Fax : + 33 2 96 79 80 21  

Ker Moor
13, Rue du President, Le Sénécal
22410 Saint Quay Portrieux

Tel: +33 2 96 70 52 22
Fax : + 33 2 96 70 50 49

**Subject to change

All Athletes (or their respective NFs) are responsible to bear the expenses of their own international and domestic airfare to and from the closest international or local airports as well as for any airport taxes or visa expenses. Athletes are requested to apply early for their entry visas, whenever needed.

All teams are required to communicate to the promoter their respective travel itineraries by no later than Friday, July 22, 2005.  This information to be communicatred to the event office to the attention of Miss Léonie Lallard at :

Tel: +33 2 96 70 69 82
Fax: + 33 2 96 70 69 81

The promoter shall provide local transportation to & from the closest international airport (Rennes) or local airport (Lannion) to the venue for all teams, including qualification, as well coaches and the 1 NF head of delegation accompanying the teams starting from August 1st onward up until August 8th.  All other companions however will be responsible for their own local transportation.

**Should you wish to fly into Paris (Charles de Gaulle), please take note of the following:
A bus will be picking up the players at the airport with 1 bus a day, as follows (approx. 8 hour bus ride)

Monday the 1st: at 18h00

Tuesday the 2nd
: at approximately 11h00 as the technical meeting for the qualification tournament is scheduled at 19h00

Wednesday the 3rd: at approximately 11h00 as the technical meeting for main draw is scheduled at 19h00

As mentioned above, the bus journey can last about 8 hours as the competition site is more than 500km from Paris. The organizer is in charge of the transportation for the players, coaches and head of the delegations. All other members of the delegations could take these buses if seats are available and if they pay the ticket price of the trip that will be soon defined.

The organizers would however like to remind you that the national train service is very efficient, simple, reliable and much quicker than a bus trip, which leaves directly from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Rennes, where they can also arrange for your pick-up. They would also be available to help you to prepare for this option.

If you choose this route from Paris, the organizer will need to urgently know how many persons (players, coaches, head of delegations) will arrive in Paris and will indeed take the bus.

Qualification Criteria and Competition Format

Country quota per gender: 2 host country teams, 1 team per country through NF nomination & 4 wild cards per gender.


1 - The 2004 Beach Volleyball World Championships U-18 ranking;

2 - National Federations promoting FIVB World Tour events;

3 – Countries currently hosting Challenger and/or Satellite events;

4 - The countries with players featured in the FIVB World Ranking;

5 - National Federations promoting continental events grass roots activities;

6 - Each continent will be guaranteed one team in the main draw, if not already qualified through points 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Each participating National Federation must accompany its participating teams to the tournament with at least one representative head of delegation.

The tournament will consist of a 1 day qualification tournament and a 4 day main draw competition. 

Qualification tournament:
1 day – single elimination with a maximum of 16 teams. 4 teams to advance to the main draw.                                  

Preliminary phase:
2 days – 6 groups of 4 teams, each playing round robin with 24 teams total – 2 top ranked teams from each group will qualify for the final phase, plus the 4 best teams ranked third.

Final phase:

2 days - single elimination with 16 qualified teams.

Seeding and other detailed information concerning the competition will be distributed to athletes during the Technical Meetings and available on the FIVB and the promoter’s web site.
Any other scheme other than above must be agreed by the FIVB and the promoter.

Preliminary Inquires and Technical Meetings
 Event Schedule

Tuesday August 2nd      

Arrival of the teams for the qualification tournament & Referee Clinic              

19h00 - Preliminary Inquiry at the (TBC) for verification of passports, uniforms, accessories and FIVB forms.

20h00 - Technical meeting at the (TBC) for list of attendance, competition information, seeding, etc.

Wednesday August 3r

Arrival of teams for the main draw as well as Medical & Press Delegate

9h00 - Start qualification tournament

19h00 - Preliminary Inquiry at the (TBC) for verification of passports, uniforms, accessories and FIVB forms for Main Draw teams.

20h00 - Technical meeting at the (TBC) for list of attendance competition, information, seeding, etc.  

Thursday August 4th & Friday August 5th -
Preliminary Phase (2 days - 6 groups of 4 teams each playing round robin with 24 teams – 2 top ranked teams for each group will qualify for the final phase, plus the best 4 teams ranked at the 3rd place) 

Saturday August 6th - Departure of teams not advancing in the final phase

9h00 - Start of the final phase 

Sunday August 7th - Final phase (2 days – single elimination with 16 qualified teams) 

Monday August 8th - Departure of teams & officials


  The Organizers will provide tanks and tank tops for all athletes in a sufficient quantity. All Athletes’ uniforms will be checked during the Preliminary Inquiry. Players on the same team must wear the same color and style of shorts/brief. The display of the Athletes’ sponsors’ logos on shorts/briefs, as well as accessories, is free as long as it complies with FIVB regulations.

The presence of the Swatch logo (12cm x 3cm on the men’s tanks tops and 8cm x 2cm on the women’s tops), as well as the country code and FIVB number is mandatory and shall be printed on all tops by the organizer beforehand.