Women's U18 Event 2004
ITALY, Termoli

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General Info
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2004 FIVB World Championships, presented by Swatch U-18 - Women's Event

Qualification: September 8, 2004
Main Draw: September 9-12, 2004

All Athletes participating must be born on January 1, 1987 or thereafter

Only National Federations that have sent the FIVB the required forms (Junior World Championships Athlete’s registration and JWCH/U-18) along with a copy of their passport will be considered eligible to take part in the event.

Promoter National Federation

47/B Via Udine
Termoli 86039

Contact person:
Mr. Guiseppe Mottola

Managing Director

Tel: +39 0875 706605
or +39 329 494 6343 mobile number for Mr. Ferrieri Alessandro

Fax: +39 0875 83591

E-mail: giuseppe.mottola4@tin.it OR info@termoliu18bvb.it



107-108, Via Vittorchiano
Rome 00189

t person:
Mr. Franco Brasili
Tel : +39 (06) 3685 94117-9 / +39 (06) 3685 9427/8
Fax : +39 (06) 3685 9429

Email : beachvolley@federvolley.it
Web: www.federvolley.com


Event Office Venue



47/B Via Udine
Termoli 86039

Contact person:
Mr. Guiseppe Mottola

Managing Director

Tel: +39 0875 706605
or +39 329 494 6343 mobile number for Mr. Ferrieri Alessandro

Fax: +39 0875 83591

E-mail: giuseppe.mottola4@tin.it OR info@termoliu18bvb.it





Rio Vivo Beach, Termoli, ITALY


8 minutes by shuttle from Hotel GARIM and 3 minutes walking from Hotel SOMERIST

A stadium of minimum 2000 seats, including 250 seats roofed area for media, delegations, sponsors, authorities, and officials.

Getting there:

The Promoter will provide local transportation for all main draw teams from Rome International Airport, starting from September 7, 2004 and onward, via shuttle bus, to Termoli (around 4 hours).

The Promoter will also be providing local transportation for the departing main draw teams to the same above airport until September 13, 2004.

This above transportation will be provided for all main draw teams and their Head of Delegations who are appointed by their National Federations. These accommodations do NOT apply for companions of the main draw teams as well as for teams in the qualification tournament.

Important note: All participating National Federations still remain responsible to bear all costs of all international travel.

For all information concerning the train travel, hotel, reservations, etc., for qualification teams, journalists, etc. please go to www.termoliu18bvb.it.

Once the confirmed lists for this event have been released on August 25th along with the final Event's Regulations, page 10 of this above document will need to be filled out by September 1st in order to communicate all travel plans to the Promoter to allow for all transportation coordination to be properly implemented.

Main Draw Teams', Officials & Referee Hotels

Athletes' - Qualification tournament, companions, etc.  recommended hotel(s):


Lungomare C.COLOMBO 132
Termoli, Italy

Tel and Fax: + 39 0875 708242
E-mail : garim@tin.it
Web: www.garim.it

Via Cuoco 14
Termoli, Italy

Tel and Fax: +39 0875 706760
Web: www.somerist.it



Lungomare C.COLOMBO, 52/A

Tel. : +39 0875 705946
Fax : +39 0875 702696

E-mail : info@hotelmeridiano.com
Web : www.hotelmeridiano.com


Women's Event Schedule

Sunday September 5th            Arrival of the FIVB Technical Supervisor

Monday September 6th            Arrival of the FIVB referee delegate and FIVB neutral and national referees

Tuesday September 7th           Arrival of the teams for the qualification tournament. Arrival of Press Delegate

9h00 -18h00                           Referee Clinic              

20h30                                    Preliminary Inquiry at Hotel GARIM in the SAN NICOLA room for verification of      passports, uniforms, accessories and FIVB forms.

21h30                                    Technical meeting at Hotel GARIM in the SAN NICOLA Room for list of                                              attendance, competition information, seeding, etc.

Wednesday September 8th         Arrival of teams for the main draw as well as Medical Delegate

9h00                                      Start of the qualification tournament

20h30                                    Preliminary Inquiry at the Hotel GARIM, room SAN NICOLA for verification of passports, uniforms, accessories and FIVB forms for main draw teams.

21h30                                    Technical meeting at the Hotel GARIM, room SAN NICOLA for list of attendance competition, information, seeding, etc.

Thursday September 9th - and

Friday September 10th

9h00                                      Preliminary Phase – 2 days of 4 groups of 4 teams each playing in a pool play competition, with 24 teams total per gender.

Saturday September 11th     

9h00                                      Start of the final phase - 2 days of single elimination with 16 teams

Sunday September 12th           Final phase single elimination

Monday September 13th           Departure of all teams and officials

It is compulsory for all athletes to attend the Preliminary Inquiry for the qualification tournament at 20h30 on September 7th and Preliminary Inquiry for the main draw at 20h30 on September 8th at Hotel GARIM in the SAN NICOLA room and the Technical Meeting scheduled at the same place at 21h30 on September 7th for the qualification tournament and then at 21h30 on September 8th for the main draw.

Map of the Area
Competition & Useful Information


National Federations are required to send their entry forms to the FIVB before the deadline, which is 1 month before the start of the event by August 9, 2004.

It is also mandatory to appoint a Head Delegate to accompany all teams from each country.

By AUGUST 26, 2004, the Italian National Volleyball Federation will communicate to all parties the definitive list of eligible participating teams in the Main Draw and in the qualification tournament, along with the Event’s Regulations.




  • Host country can enter a maximum of 2 teams
  • 4 FIVB Wild Cards for each category (Men & Women) regardless of country quota;

14 teams will be selected to play in the main draw in priority as follows:

1- One team per country through nomination of the National Federation

2 - The 2003 Beach Volleyball World Championships U-18 main draw ranking;

3 - National Federation’s promoting FIVB World Tour events, the countries with players featured in the FIVB World Ranking and National Federation’s promoting continental events grass roots activities;

4 - Each continent will be guaranteed one team in the main draw, if not already qualified through points 1 and 2.

The remaining 4 spots (in order to complete the 24 team main draw roster) will be taken from the top 4 teams from the qualification tournament.

NOTE: The FIVB is entitled to enter up to two teams per country to fill the main draw roster and/or the qualification tournament.


The tournament will consist of a 1 day qualification tournament and a 4 day main draw competition. 

Qualification tournament:
1 day – single elimination with a maximum of 16 teams.                                  

Preliminary phase:
2 days – 6 groups of 4 teams, each playing round robin  with 24 teams – 2 top ranked teams for each group will qualify for the final phase, plus the best 4 teams ranked third.

Final phase:
2 days – single elimination with 16 qualified teams.

Any other competition format different than the one above must be agreed between the FIVB and the ORGANIZER.



National Federations can designate one coach per team who must be approved a minimum of 30 days before the event concerned by the FIVB. Promoters to give accreditation that allows coaches to be seated in a designated area on the center court. On outside courts, coaches must stay within a designated area determined by the FIVB technical supervisor.


It will be MANDATORY to appoint a Head Delegate to accompany all teams from each country.


The Organizers will provide tank tops for all Athletes in a sufficient quantity, in accordance to the FIVB uniform regulations. 
All Athletes’ uniforms will be checked during the Preliminary Inquiry.  Players on the same Team must wear the same color and style
of shorts/brief.  The display of the Athletes’ sponsors’ logos on shorts/briefs and accessories is free as long as it complies with FIVB advertising regulations. (Presence of FIVB Presenting Sponsor (Swatch), country code and FIVB number is mandatory on all tops and tank tops).


All main draw teams are required to communicate to the promoter their respective travel itineraries through the appropriate form to be provided to them by their respective National Federations by no later than Wednesday, September 1, 2004.  The above is to be sent to the event office to the attention of Mr. FERRIERI ALESSANDRO at:

Tel: +39 0875 706605
Fax: +39 0875 83591


All local transportation must be ensured by the Organizer for all participants, the Heads of the main draw teams’ Delegations appointed by each National Federation as well as FIVB Officials and referees, including transportation between the nearest international airport and the SITE and between the official hotel(s) and the venue of any technical and official hospitality or social functions.

Please note that Hotel Somerist is within walking distance to the venue. A shuttle bus will be provided from Hotel Garim however to insure efficient connections between it and the venue every single day.


The Promoter will bear the costs of board and lodging for all participating teams in the main draw (total of 48 teams) in double rooms. Also to provide the same for 4 FIVB Delegates, 14 referees and for the court personnel needed to run the events.

The promoter will not cover any board and lodging expenses for the qualification competition teams, coaches, athletes’, parents or other people accompanying the athletes.

Athletes are responsible for any and all extra expenses at the hotel such as mini-bar, phone calls, laundry, etc. These expenses must be paid at checkout time.


Sunrise: 6h40              Sunset: 19h35

22 ° C minimum and 30° C maximum, 50-65% humidity