Saturday, 23 January 2021
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Kano: Japan united in victory

Japan's Erika Araki speaks at the Press Conference


Head Coach Masayoshi Manabe: This week when coming back to Osaka everybody in our team had some pressure, especially after the three defeats in Poland. That is why we all focused so much on winning. Today I am especially happy about our block. I felt we did not practice enough on blocking but today it went very well. Training in blocking takes a long time and we must practice as a team, and it usually takes one year or so to really make it work effectively. But here three players got together and because of this the block worked well today.

Captain Erika Araki: Today we could win against Russia so I am very happy. In Poland we lost all three games last week, but now we have won all three, and now we are going to Korea and would like to keep this good mood and come back to Tokyo for the final round in this atmosphere.
(The difference between last week and this week): In Poland our team was not stable or settled and we grew frustrated, so in Osaka I tried to make some time and space for everyone to get together and talk and communicate with each other. From this, everything went well and we could gain a good rhythm. If we can talk things through it makes people feel more relaxed.

Maiko Kano: I am happy about winning three games in Japan, and by watching two games from the side I could clearly see that the team is getting more united. I definitely believe the team is growing stronger.
Today the head coach said it was my turn now, and he told me to do as much as I could and show my spirit. I decided to do that to the fullest. When I am on the court the other members encouraged me and supported me, so I played in a very good mood and really appreciate that.
(On Japan's good serve): The head coach instructed us not to always hit the same way, so we try to vary our serves and the direction -- not only left or right but short and long.


Head Coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin: I am trying new players so maybe in one month's time only three of these players will remain on court. I am satisfied with the way we played today and I will never blame mistakes on my players. I like the Japanese players and I think they have wonderful skills, but if I have to choose I would say the setter (Takeshita) and the No. 12 (Kimura), who played very well today. Especially the setter contributed to the rhythm of the Japanese team. I think the Japanese players know what they have to achieve.

Captain Marina Sheshenina: I find it hard to comment after losing this game. Today Japan played really well, especially in defence, whereas we played well only in spells and sometimes our play did not work at all. We want to make correct the mistakes of today for the next game.


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