Saturday, 23 January 2021
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Serve was the key for Japan

Japan's Erika Araki speaks at the Press Conference


Head Coach Masayoshi Manabe: We could win today because our serve and serve-reception was good.
(On Kurihara's serving and spiking): Kurihara's service was really good today and that made her comfortable about her spiking.

Captain Erika Araki: Today's game was really important for us, and we could win so I feel very relieved. We still have a lot of mistakes and problems to be solved, so we will do better for tomorrow's game against Russia.
 In the first set we had a lot of chances but we missed them, but from the second set the serve and serve-reception went well and that was the big reason for the change. (On her five block points): Yesterday I did not do well but I believe my role for the team is to work on blocking and I wanted to play my best for the team, especially on blocking.

Kaori Inoue: At first Korea played better than Japan, but Japan worked as a team and became united and eventually as a team we fought well.
(On joining the national team): For the first time I have been involved in such a long trip and sequence of big games, so I am trying to keep my best condition. Especially after the game I am careful to look after my physical condition and take acre about what I eat, and always trying to be in good shape.

Saori Kimura: The first set was not good for us, but our serve and serve-reception improved and that is why we were able to play well eventually. (On making only one spike mistake): As a new team my role is to make spikes, so I must reduce my mistakes and this is what I am concentrating on.
(On her defence): I know very well I am a target for serve reception, and I know I have to receive well because that is the starting point for our combination volley to build our attacks.


Head Coach Lee Sung-Hee: We aimed to play an interesting, exciting game, but today we were not able to play to our full potential. We still have room to improve.
(On No. 10 Kim Yeon-Koung): At first we were receiving serve well in the first set, but gradually the serve focused on her and maybe that is why she did not do as well as usual today.
The big reason we could not win was the venue and audience were not for us. Next week we will move to Mokpo so I expect the crowd and the atmosphere will be very different, and in our favour. Before then we will practise more on defence and on reception and that will help us play better.

Captain Kim Se-Young: Today we could not win. It was disappointing. (On Japan): Japan played a very hard game and is a very strong team. Since I am a centre player I was observing Araki. In the first round in China the ball was focusing on Kim Yeon-Koung, but today we spread the ball around a lot and that made it easier to player.


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