Saturday, 23 January 2021
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Historical day for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Vilmarie Mojica speaks at the Press Conference


Head Coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin: As a head coach, today's result is very disappointing but one thing I can say is that I used four new players and tried to use younger players more and give them experience. In tomorrow's game I may not use the new, young players this much. Puerto Rico's defence was good. We attacked in our usual way but it did not work, and our defence was poor. But we have tomorrow and games in the future so we will learn lessons and become better.

Captain: Marina Sheshenina: When we lose a game it always goes like this. We made a lot of mistakes and have to learn a lesson from this and we will grow stronger. The Grand Prix is a big tournament and the games are hard, but after we lose a game we can learn from it.

Maria Zhadan: It was really disappointing. We were in the same condition as the opponent so cannot make any excuses. We must look forward and do our best in the future.


Head Coach Carlos Cardona (ARG): This was a historical moment for Puerto Rico. It was the first time for me to play against Russia as the head coach of the women's team, so this game had special meaning. The fact that we won is very significant for the country and for the team. Also today brought our first win of the Grand Prix, so it was important from that point of view, too. We played well and that also made me happy, not just the victory.
 Russia has good physical ability so our challenge was to make our play more accurate. In today's game we served well and put them under pressure, and our defence was good so we could take good attacking positions and avoid their block.
 Our team has a mixture of professionals and amateurs. This year we have trained seven times a week with the ball, and four times a week in physical training. We play and train together from May to October.

Captain Vilmarie Mojica: Looking back on yesterday's game against Japan, today's game was much better. Our passing was stabler and our serve was better, which enabled us to damage the Russian team. From yesterday we made a good adjustment so our defence became better and our reception was good.


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