Saturday, 23 January 2021
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Japan overcome nervous start

Maiko Sakashita speaks at the Press Conference


Head Coach Masayoshi Manabe: As the players said, we lost three games last week and now we are in our hometown Osaka, so we really had to win. In the first part of the first set the players looked nervous, but eventually we could win and I feel relieved today.
(On Sakashita): Her spike is really good now, so I expect more of this. Today she made some good spikes from the front, but not from the back, so tomorrow I expect her to be strong at the front and back of the court.

Captain Erika Araki: We lost all three games last week in Poland, so we are very happy about today's win. As a team we still have a lot of things to improve, and I have my own improvements to work on. Against Korea we must play our best. I have to work on block more effectively. I did not make any blocks today, so I really have to contribute to the team with my block. I must really work on that.

Maiko Sakashita: We had three losses last week, so each member of the team and the staff worked hard to get this win, so I am very relieved and happy to be able to win this game.
(On playing with veterans Araki and Kurihara): This team was made as a new team in order to go to the London Olympics, so I am working hard to be a part of this team. On the emotional side, I would like to play as a mood-maker to lift everyone during a game.
(The difference in playing for club and country): When I joined the national team training, the coach has an effective block system that I really want to learn, and he also wants to play quick volleyball.

Megumi Kurihara: I have my own challenge to cover. I am a spiker and it is a position to score the points, but I could not score enough points in this match. I do not want to make any excuses; I must just work on this.


Head Coach Carlos Cardona: Today Japan was really good. They were not so good at the start but got better gradually and eventually they made a very good game. Our build-up play did not work well, and we could not maintain a high motivation and spirit. Experience alone is not enough, and there were too many mistakes. That is the challenge for the future, and we have to do something about it. In order to achieve the quick attack with the setter, we have a lot of work to do, as well as on other points of the game.

Captain Vilmarie Mojica: Japan made fewer mistakes than us. We made a lot of mistakes and could not recover from them. My team is not tall, and that is why we could not use the side attack effectively.


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