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Rainbow Hall, Nagoya

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

Nagano Arena


Tickets and merchandise

For ticket information and merchandise for the Grand Champions Cup 2005, visit the NTV site (Japanese only)

2005 World Grand Champions Cup

Offering US$ 2 million in prize money, the 2005 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup holds an important position.
With the European Championships finished last Sunday, all participants in the 2005 FIVB Women’s World Grand Champions Cup are qualified.
The 6 participating teams in this quadrennial event are: Japan (host organizer) China (Asian Champion), USA (Norceca Champion), Brazil (South American Champion), Poland (European Champion) and Korea (wild card).
All Continental Champions defended successfully their 2003 Continental Championships title!
The Chinese Women’s Team, Olympic Champion and 2001 Grand Champions Cup winner is the team to beat but the Brazilian team showed by winning the 2005 World Grand Prix that they will be a serious candidate for the title. Host organizer Japan, Norceca Champions, USA, European Champion, Poland, and Korea will for sure make this event as exciting as possible.
The Women’s Tournament will be held in the cities of Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) and Nagoya (Nagoya Rainbow) from 15th – 20th November 2005. The competition is a single round robin system with a total of 15 matches.
The Men’s tournament will follow in Nagano and Tokyo from 22-27 November 2005.



No Teams Date Time
Tokyo, Metropolitan Gymnasium
1 BRA-CHN 15-Nov 12:00
2 USA-KOR 15-Nov 15:00
3 POL-JPN 15-Nov 18:30
4 CHN-USA 16-Nov 12:00
5 POL-BRA 16-Nov 15:00
6 JPN-KOR 16-Nov 18:00

Nagoya, Rainbow Hall

7 KOR-CHN 18-Nov 12:00
8 USA-POL 18-Nov 15:00
9 BRA-JPN 18-Nov 18:00
10 BRA-USA 19-Nov 12:00
11 POL-KOR 19-Nov 15:00
12 JPN-CHN 19-Nov 18:00
13 KOR-BRA 20-Nov 12:00
14 CHN-POL 20-Nov 15:00
15 USA-JPN 20-Nov 18:00


No Teams Date Time

Nagano, Arena

1 USA-BRA 22-Nov 12:00
2 ITA-CHN 22-Nov 15:00
3 EGY-JPN 22-Nov 18:00
4 CHN-BRA 23-Nov 12:00
5 ITA-EGY 23-Nov 15:00
6 JPN-USA 23-Nov 18:00

Tokyo, Metropolitan Gymnasium

7 EGY-CHN 25-Nov 12:00
8 USA-ITA 25-Nov 15:00
9 BRA-JPN 25-Nov 18:00
10 EGY-USA 26-Nov 12:00
11 ITA-BRA 26-Nov 15:00
12 CHN-JPN 26-Nov 18:00
13 USA-CHN 27-Nov 12:00
14 BRA-EGY 27-Nov 15:00
15 JPN-ITA 27-Nov 18:00

World Grand Champions Cup 2005 - Qualified Teams

How they qualified Women
Organiser JAPAN
Asian Continental Champion CHINA
European Continental Champion POLAND
Norceca Continental Champion U.S.A.
South America Continental Champion BRAZIL
Wild Card* KOREA
How they qualified Men
Organiser JAPAN
African Continental Champion EGYPT
European Continental Champion ITALY
Norceca Continental Champion U.S.A.
South America Continental Champion BRAZIL
Wild Card* CHINA
* Four continental champions from continents whose teams reached the highest ranking at the preceding Olympic Games. Wild Cards selected by the FIVB, NTV and JVA

prize money

women place men
US$ 300,000 First Place US$ 300,000
US$ 150,000 Second Place US$ 150,000
US$ 125,000 Third Place US$ 125,000
US$ 100,000 Fourth Place US$ 100,000
US$  75,000 Fifth Place US$ 75,000
US$  50,000 Sixth Place US$  50,000


The official mascot, named Grachan, originates from the first World Grand Champions Cup in 1993.
Grachan has always been one of the stars at the event, loved by spectators with its variety of looks and gestures. The bird soaring into the sky is associated with the speed, dynamism and the exquisite motion of volleyball. Having migrated for four years, Grachan comes back and plays an important role in spreading volleyball fever throughout the country as well as announcing and spotlighting the World Grand Champions Cup throughout the world.