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2001 Girls' Youth World Championship - Match Reports

Play-Off / Elimination Group

Poland beat Spain 3-1 (23-25, 25-22, 25-14, 25-18) - duration 1:34
26-Sep, start time: 9:00, end time: 10:34 - Attendance: 50
Poland lost one set, but qualifies for quarter finals.
Poland beats Spain 3:1 (23:25; 25:22; 25:14; 25:18)- duration: 1:24
26 Sep, start time 9:00, end time 10:34
Attendance: 50
Poland Fifth Quarterfinalist
Poland lost the first set mainly because they could not pass the ball, and in general there were too many errors on their side. In the second set they were more concentrated, so they did not have any problems winning other three sets. I do not understand my girls, one day they are playing good, while the next day I can't recognize them. Today, we were probabily still sleeping in the first set, but we won the match and that is what counts. Now we are looking forward quarterfinals, and I hope this is going to be the day my team gives the best., said Polish head coach Andrzej Pec. Spanish team did not have real chances to win, and leaves the tournament.
Italy beat Argentina 3-0 (25-18, 25-18, 25-23) - duration 1:18
26-Sep, start time: 11:00, end time: 12:18 - Attendance: 60
Italy won without any problems.
Italy defeats Argentina 3:0 (25:18; 25:18; 25;23)-duration: 1:09
26 Sep, start time 11:00, end time 12:18
Attendance: 60
Italian Victory
In the first two sets of the match Italy played confidently, but in the third set the players were a little bit tense. Argenitina's team was ahead at the score 20:18, but Squadra Azzuri won by 25:23 this last set. Italian head coach, Luca Pieragnoli was satisfied with his team after the match : We played good volleyball today. I do not have preferances for the quarterfinals. Every team that stays in is a good one, it does not matter if is a team from Asia or Europe.
Italian team won 43 points by attack, while Argentina only 26 and that is the main reason of the European squad's victory.

Japan beat Korea 3-1 (22-25, 25-15, 25-21, 25-17) - duration 1:37
26-Sep, start time: 14:15, end time: 15:52 - Attendance: 100
Korea is the first Asian team who leaves the tournament beaten by Japan 1:3
Japan beats Korea 3:1 (22:25; 25:15; 25:21; 25:17)-duration: 1:28
26 Sep, start time 14:15, end time 15:52
Attendance: 100
Japan Won The Big Fight
Very interesting match were both teams strived to give their best until the end. Japan loses first set, but not the desire to succeed. In the next three sets Korea was slightly behind, and they ended up defeated by 3:1. Japanese player, Megumi Kurihara is the best scorer of the tournament after the preliminary round, while her team-mate Kana Oyama is on the fourth place. In this match, both players continue to increase their personal account. In this match Kana Oyama made 20 points, while Kurihara scored 22 points.
Dominican Rep. beat Croatia 3-1 (25-21, 20-25, 25-23, 25-19) - duration 1:42
26-Sep, start time: 19:00, end time: 20:42 - Attendance: 800
The team of Domenican Rep. continue to suprise
Croatia lost by Dominican Republic 1:3 (21:25; 25:23; 23:25; 19:25)-duration: 1:13
26 Sep, start time 19:00, end time 20:42
Attendance: 800
Dominican Republic Continues To Surprise
It was a hard match for the hosting team. Dominican Republic was too strong for them today. We are the youngest team on the tournament, and girls are inexperienced, that is the main reason for our loss. My girls could not stop the player Prisilla Rivera, while she was hitting very strong. Overall, Dominican Republic played better and they deserved this victory., were Croatian head coaches' (Pero Bozic) words after the match. A coach from Dominican Republic, F. Cruz Jimenez, was happy his team proceedes to quarter finals, but he also revealed he was scared they could lose because of his team's bad defense.