Thursday, 25 February 2021
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Maybe we were perfect: Terzic

Serbia were on song against USA
Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: Today we played one the best games in recent times. I'm starting to believe it's our destiny to play our best games against the USA. Really, it was a bit of a surprise for me because from the start we tried to make everything, especially serve and attack, with 100 per cent power. Usually, if a team tries to play like that they make a lot of mistakes. But we didn't do that today and that's why we were able to win. I'm very satisfied with how we've played in the two rounds so far. Today, maybe we were perfect. I hope we can do the same in Tokyo.

Serbia captain Maja Ognjenovic: Today, it was an important and very big win for us. We know the strong points of the USA team, but today we served strong and blocked well and that was the key of the match. I also want to congratulate the USA for fighting right to the end.

USA coach Hugh McCutcheon: Congratulations to Serbia; they played a very strong game today, especially in service and they attacked well in transition. As always, we are trying to get better and Serbia taught us a few things tonight. 

On an unrelated note, we are aware of the tragedy that has befallen Japan and we want to thank Komaki, the JVA and the people of Japan for their support. Our hearts are with you and you've done a great job. 

(Re. “hangover” from Japan win the night before): We invested a lot emotionally last night, but physically we were OK tonight. Zoran was right; they played very well and I don't want to take anything away from their performance. 

USA captain Jennifer Tamas: Congratulations to Serbia; they played a great match. We came out flat in the first set, but played better volleyball in the second set. We had a lot of unforced errors. Now we have to get the ball rolling again. We will go to Hong Kong and try to play better volleyball.


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