Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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Press Conference of Team Russia and Team Peru

After the match, Russian head coach Kuzyutkin, on-court captain Makhno and Peruvian head coach Luca, captain Keldibekova attended the press conference.

Keldibekova believed that her team played better than the day before. They did well when facing world champion Russia.

Makhno said that overall Russia played well today. Though they didn’t do well at some points, they won the game 3-0. It was very important to them.

Luca expressed his satisfaction with his team, saying that they did better than last week in the same play with Russia. They did well in blocks and defense, and won some difficult points. Compared with last week, they had two players came back from injury. This allowed them to have more changes in the team.

Kuzyutkin thought that his team didn’t do very well. They made mistakes, and lost some points. He refused to reveal how his team would deal with China tomorrow, but promised that it would be a very good game. His team would show their best. Gamova just returned a week ago. She would be much better next week. After watch the game between China and Peru, he believed that China was close to Russia in strength.


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