Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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Press Conference of China and Peru

The press conference was attended by head coaches and captains of the Chinese and Peruvian teams


Peruvian captain congratulated on China’s victory and said it was a good game. Peru did well in some moments of the game, and hoped they could do better in the next matches. She said China has always been strong in her defense, and that Peru should learn the Asian volleyball culture.


Chinese captain Wei Qiuyue said that it was not easy for China to win after the defeat in Luohe. They tried new tactics today and it worked. The service from Peru at the second set caused a problem for China. China will improve its first pass during the matches later with Germany and Russia.


Chinese head coach Yu Juemin said China always did its best in the competition with teams participating in the WGP. He was happy that though the Peruvian services were very good, the Chinese first passers handled relatively well. The young players, such as Yang Jie, Yang Junjing and Shan Danna did a good job tonight.


Peruvian head coach Luca was happy that his team, though very young, did a good job in servicing. Facing a strong team like China, they had to take risks in serving. He was happy that  it paid off.


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