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Girls under 18 2003 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Italy beat Czech Republic 3-2 (25-23, 19-25, 25-21, 20-25, 15-6) - duration 1:59
13-Aug, start time: 21:30, end time: 23:29 - Attendance: 200
Italians complete the list of eight finalists.
The Czechs started off with great energy, gained advantage and did not allow it to decrease throughout the first half of the first set. This gave Italians the boost and not only did they caught up with their opponents but also managed to get advantage over them. The Czech team started losing their confidence, especially that one of the players, Goliasova Jana, no 10, was shown a yellow card for misconduct, because of which the Czechs lost one additional point and failed to win the set. The Czech players began the second set determined to win. And this time, despite fierce attacks from the Italian side, accomplished the task. Their advantage was increasing as the second set progressed and they finally beat Italians 19:25. In the fourth set the audience could witness a spectacular volleyball show. Both teams went hand in hand through the first part of the set. But, after the Italians took over the leadership half way through the set, the Czech team was no loner able to get back the lost points and were beaten by their rivals 21:25. Neither of the teams was the leader in the fourth set. The twenty four minute ferocious fight ended up in the Czech victory. The Italians were defeated 20:25.
In the tie break the Czechs seemed to have lost the faith in their victory and could not find the means to break the Italian advantage. The Italians became the winners of the match as well as the last team to join the top eight.