FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2012

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Kenya Prisons confident going into Club World Championships

Kenya Prisons had a breakfast party at Panari Hotel in Nairobi before leaving for Doha on Thursday

Nairobi, Kenya, October 11, 2012 – Kenya Prisons are better prepared than in previous years to succeed at the 2012 Club World Championships, setter Jane Wacu was quoted as saying in the Citizen, an East African online news source.

“We know we will be meeting the best clubs in the world but that does not mean we are inferior, we are strong in our own way and we are going there to challenge for the title just like everyone else,” said Wacu. “The past history does not matter to us, what is more important at this point is for us to put up our best and come back home with our heads held high.”

“We fear no one and they should also know we are African champions. We know we are pooled in a hard group that also has former world champions Fenerbahçe, but we will face them head on.”

Wacu said one problem that remains for the team is a lack of proper facilities in Kenya. She said this is the main reason African clubs have trouble on the world stage.

“Training in a different set-up and playing at a different set-up has very many factors that always affect our overall performance out there. For example, tossing is very different when training outdoors, this is affected by the wind and therefore one gets used to a certain movement and style. You employ different power on the ball compared to when doing the same indoors.”

“If you are used to one style, when you get an indoor facility, you will be doomed,” she explained. “Secondly, the delivery of service is different outdoor and indoor, the reception is also severely affected. These are just some of the things we lack when we go out there.”

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