FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2012

Press release

Sollys Nestle dominate the tournament from start to finish

Sollys Nestle won the gold medal in their third attempt at the FIVB Club World Championship following one silver and one bronze

Mira Golubovic, captain of Rabita Baku: “I want to congratulate the Brazilian club for the title and great victory.  I think they had a really great game and they deserve the victory. From our side it wasn’t the maximum, we didn’t serve very well, we didn’t follow the tactical situations as we should have and the Brazilian team played really good. They deserve the victory.”

Marcello Abbondanza, coach of Rabita Baku: “I am sorry about the defeat. I believe the result reflects the actual value of the teams that played in this tournament. It is not easy to play against the Brazilian team. I wanted to get better performances from my players but we didn’t concentrate well. The other team deserves to win. It is one of the best team in the world.”

Jaqueline Carvalho, captain of Sollys Nestle: “We are so happy to win this championship and we didn’t expect that would be easy. The other team played very well. Our objective was achieved. We competed against a great team with a great coach, but our team played very good, almost a perfect performance. Our team is growing and we managed to achieve very good results. Thanks to Qatar, and thank you all.”

Luizomar de Moura, coach of Sollys Nestle: “We are very happy for this victory. Tonight we played against a great competitor.  Our team played well. We were good in tactics, had good offensive and managed to win. I have to thank to my players and to the organizing committee for this high level organized championship.”

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