FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships 2012

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Fenerbahce defeat Lancheras for women’s bronze medal

Mari Steinbrecher scored the final point of the match for Fenerbahce against Lancheras

Doha, Qatar, October 19, 2012 – Fenerbahce of Turkey defeated Lancheras de Cataño of Puerto Rico in straight sets (25-16, 25-17, 25-17) to claim the women’s bronze medal of the FIVB Club World Championship at Aspire Zone Hall of Doha on Friday morning.

Berenika Okuniewska and Eda Erdem were the top scorers of Fenerbahce with 13 points apiece. Seda Tokatlioglu and Paula Pequeno followed with 12 and 11 respectively. Lancheras’ Yarimar Rosa had a match-high 16 points.

The winners held advantages of 8-3 in blocks and 9-1 in service aces. Okuniewska finished with four blocks while Tokatlioglu served three aces.

Okuniewska served an ace to cap her early attack against Lancheras as Fenerbahce led 8-3.  The Turkish club was in front 16-8 at the second technical time-out. Paula Pequeno joined Okuniewska as the top weapons of Fenerbahce while Jessica Jones produced for Lancheras. At 20-10 Okuniewska served her second ace. Rosa and Tokatlioglu traded spikes. After another spike by Rosa, Erdem scored for set-point at 24-14 and then served long. Steinbrecher’s attack was out of bounds but finally Del Valle’s serve sailed long. The set finished 25-16.

Fenerbahce took a 4-1 lead in the second set. Lancheras’ coach called for time-out. Okuniewska blocked Del Valle and Erdem landed her spike. Then Pequeno blocked against Torregrosa for an 8-2 advantage. Pequeno blocked Del Valle increasing the margin to 10-3. The gap widened to 14-5 after two aces by Pequeno. Rosa and Lopez scored consecutively for Lancheras. The Turkish team led 16-7 at the second stop following the ace by Erdem. After a lethargic streak of Fenerbahce, Rosa’s attacks put Lancheras within four points at 21-17. Tokatlioglu and Erdem reacted and the set concluded 25-17 with a wide attack by Lopez.

Rosa continue to spike effectively to guide Lancheras to an 8-4 lead. Pequeno and Tokatlioglu combined for consecutive spikes and then Tokatlioglu served an ace to narrow the distance to 9-7. Torregrosa blocked Steinbrecher but Erdem scored with a running spike. Steinbrecher’s spike and the ace by Erdem tie up the score at 11-all. At 13-all, Okuniewska landed her spike and Rosa attacked way long for the two-point difference in favor of the Turkish side. Okuniewska attacked again for the 16-13 score at the second TTO. Pequeno killed fo match-point at 24-16 and then served long. The hit by Steinbrecher closed the action at 25-17.

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