SOO / Osasco Voleibol Clube - Team Composition

Team manager CRISPI, Benedito
Head coach MOURA, Luizomar
Assistant coach AROSTI, Jefferson
Doctor FERREIRA, Tiago
Therapist / trainer FERNANDES, Fernando
Journalist ZITO, Rafael
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block
  1 Ivna Marra Ivna 25.01.1990 185 76 305 294
  3   Larissa Souza Larissa 07.07.1991 186 64 301 284
  4 Samara Almeida Samara 16.07.1992 185 62 293 278
  5   Adenizia Da Silva Adenizia 18.12.1986 185 63 312 290
  7 Karine Souza Karine 25.02.1979 176 72 289 279
  9   Silvana Papini Silvana 27.01.1988 178 65 295 284
  10 Ana Maria Gosling Ana Maria 24.01.1985 176 64 288 276
  11   Ana Beatriz Correa Ana Beatriz 07.02.1992 187 70 298 292
  12 Leia Henrique Da Silva Nicolosi Léia 01.03.1985 160 60 275 269
  13   Heloiza Pereira Helô 02.11.1990 187 77 305 288
  C 17 Juliana Costa Juliana 09.05.1982 186 72 305 292
  L 18   Camila Brait C. Brait 28.10.1988 170 58 271 256
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Founded in 1993, Sollys Osasco is one of the most successful and famous volleyball teams in Brazil. The club has won four editions of the Superliga, and two South American Championships. They have also done well in the traditional international competition Salonpas Cup, winning it four times.

Several legends of international volleyball have donned the club’s jersey such as Isabel Salgado, Virna Dias, Fernanda Venturini, Marcia Fu, Ida, Ana Moser, Paula Pequeno, Mari and the Peruvian Rosa Garcia, among others.

Sollys Osasco`s successful history in the international courts started in its second year of existence in 1994, when the club finished third in the Club World Championship, played in the city of Osasco.

In the same season the team won its first three competitions: the Sao Paulo State Championship, the Brazilian Cup and the South American Cup. The following years saw the club develo a program to find new players and revealed talents like Fernanda Doval, Andreia Teixeira and Patricia Cocco.

The 2000’s was the golden decade for the club. With Jose Roberto Guimaraes at the helm, the club won the Brazilian Superliga for the first time in 2003.

In the 2003/2004 season, the team counted on the power of six Brazilian representatives at the Athens Olympic Games to win the Superliga again: Fernanda Venturini, Mari, Érika, Bia, Arlene and Valeskinha.

In 2004/2005, with the same squad and the return of Paula Pequeno, who missed the Olympic Games due to a knee injury, Sollys Osasco won the Superliga for the third time in a with a 21-3 win-loss record.

The following five seasons saw Sollys Osasco advance to the final of the Superliga but they were always stopped by rivals Rexona-Ades.

Sollys Osasco returned to the top spot of the podium in 2009/2010 after winning the South American Championship 2009. Led by Luizomar de Moura and counting on four Olympic champions in its squad - Carol, Sassa, Thaisa and Jaqueline – as well as a number of young Brazilian national players - Natalia, Adenizia, Camila Brait and Ana Tiemi - the team ended their rival’s supremacy to win the Superliga for the fourth time.

In 2010, Sollys Osasco won the South American Club Championship again and, thus qualifying for the Club World Championship, but they fell short, losing to Fenerbahce of Turkey.
2011 saw them lose in the final of the Superliga again, however they clinched the South American Club Championship for the second time in a row, so have another bite of the cherry for the World Championship.

Coach profile

Luizomar de Moura started his coaching career as an assistant coach to legendary Brazilian setter Willian Carvalho in 1995 with Uniban/Sao Caetano. The following season, he worked in Leites Nestle before moving to BCN/Osasco, where stayed for two years.

In 2000/2001, Luizomar was invited to coach Flamengo and, after an unforgettable series against rivals Vasco he won the Brazilian Superliga in his first season.

The good result opened up the Brazilian national team’s doors to Luizomar and he worked as an assistant to Marco Aurelio Motta in 2001 and 2002. At the same time, he led Automovel Clube de Campos to third in the 2005/06 Superliga season.

After this tournament, Luizomar was invited to join Finasa/Osasco and finished second in the league for the next three seasons. In 2009/2010, the coach led the team into the battle against Rexona-Ades and took Sollys Osasco to their fourth Superliga title.

Since 2003, Luizomar de Moura has also worked with the Brazilian youth and junior teams winning the Boys’ Youth World Championship 2005 and South American Championship in 2004 as well as Men’s Junior World Championship in 2007 and South American Championship in 2006.