Saturday, 28 March 2020
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Stoytchev: Turning point came in second set

Trentino's coach, Radostin Stoytchev, briefing his players during a time-out in the semifinal game against Paykan

Trentino coach Radostin Stoytchev:
We are very happy with this win because we qualify for our second consecutive final at the Club World Championships. In the first set we found it difficult to get into the right rhythm; my plan was to put a lot of pressure from the serving area to cause them real troubles in reception and avoid the side-out via their middle blockers. In the second set they scored a few aces in a row and we went down 9-3 but thanks to the experience of my players, we stormed back and that was the turning point of the game. In set three we had full control of the operations. Matey Kaziyski is fully fit but since he was off for a while he needs playing time and that is why yesterday he was the only member of the starting six to line up in the game against Paul Mitchell. Today he scored more aces than against Dynamo (Moscow) but in that game the Russians were able to complete the side-out, so he did not stay that long in the serving zone and could not score a massive haul of winning serves. Anyway, he is OK and we rely on him also for the final."

Trentino captain Matey Kaziyski:
"We knew that our opponent was tough and we prepared carefully for this game. I am happy with this win and tomorrow we'll go for the trophy. We were defeated by Belchatow in the Champions League but this will be a different story."

Paykan coach Peyman Akbari:
"Congratulations to the team of Trentino as they deserved to win and I hope they will get the trophy tomorrow. They are definitely one of the strongest teams in the world and they also can count on a great roster. Every time they change a player, the back-up is as good as the one included in the starting six. We have a few newcomers as most of our veterans left for another club in Iran, so I could not make any substitutions because the young players lack the necessary experience."

Paykan captain Amir Hosseini:
"It was a nice game and we are proud to say that we could play point for point with one of the strongest teams in the world. As we finished fourth last year, now we are aiming to claim the bronze medal, this is what most of the people in Iran are expecting from us."


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