Saturday, 28 November 2020
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Our concentration was intense before the start of the match: Belchatow coach

Stephane Antiga of PSE Skra Belchatow was one of the key stars against Zenit Kazan

PGE Skra Belchatow (POL)
Head Coach, Jacek Nawrocki

Our concentration was intense before the start of the match, this could be the reason we lost the first set. Zenit Kazan is the top favourite for the European Champions League title this season. It is strange I believe, the way the match shaped up, they had better percentage in attacks, their block, serve and reception, they made fewer mistakes than us, but still we win. The key was we took advantage in crucial moments of the 2, 3, 4 sets.
The substitution was done as the match demanded, and it turned out to be in our favour.
We’ve played some hard matches so far in the championship. Not sure, how well Italy has prepared with this new formula, but we are here to show the world the level of volleyball in Poland and I promise to do our best in the final and try to win it.
So far, I haven’t mastered the format perfectly; orelse we could have prepared the perfect team. We just want to play normal volleyball, ofcourse, abiding by the new system. The big role here is that our players possess sound technique and skills. In this formula you need specialized players.

Captain, Mariusz Wlazly
Let me tell you, the level of the match was pretty high. I am happy that we came back strong after the poor first set.
Somehow, I managed to help my team in crucial moments, although I didn’t touch the volleyball in last five months due to injury, I started my training just three weeks before this championship.

Zenit Kazan (RUS)
Head Coach, Vladimir Alekno
Stanley (Clayton) is one of our key players, his absence today did affect our game and that reflected in our performance, that is one of the factors of our defeat today. Eventually, the Polish team played superbly and was better than us in most occasions.

Captain, Lloy Ball
The worst thing for us was that we won the first set easily, we got an impression that we will kill every ball from there on.
Then, we couldn’t send the ball back to Poland court, it was so difficult, we couldn’t even counter-attack.
I am disappointed as we lost the crucial moments of the sets and that never goes.
At the end of the day, it was the Polish team that played better to win the match.
Personally, as a setter, I don’t like this new system.


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