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Women under 20, 2003 - Press Info

Press conference

Poland beat Netherlands 3-0 (28-26, 25-23, 25-14) - duration 1:13
14-Sep, start time: 11:00, end time: 12:13 - Attendance: 2,300
"I think we had a chance to beat Poland in the first two sets, but my girls made too many mistakes. However, I'm happy with them. They did a good job here. Sometimes, we had good chances, but we blew them away. To play in the world championship is a good memory. After this, Manon Flier and Suzanne Freriks will join the national senior squad to play in the European Championship next week in Turkey. The others will join their own clubs." - head coach Saskia Van Hintum.

"I'm very happy to win the match. It's a good proof that we are better than them. We are European champions. We beat them before in the European Championship. However, it must be nicer to make it to the final. I think if we played with this form in the previous match against Brazil, we could beat the Brazilians in the semi-finals. In the previous world championship in Dominican Republic two years ago, we finished 13th, but we finished third here. It's more than happy." - head coach Saskia Van Hintum
Head coach Pec Andrzej